One Punch Man Season 2 – Mini Review

That’s it?

Image result for one punch man season 2Back in Fall 2015 a show called One Punch Man seemed to take the world by swarm. It wasn’t until a little while later that I finally gave it a shot with the TV dub, and while a lot of criticism had been heaped on to the show at that point, I still really enjoyed it. The highlight for me was The Deep Sea King arc, which you can read all about in my review of the first season here. When I heard this would get a second season, especially one that was less focused on Saitama, I thought that would be perfect, because the show was always at its best when he wasn’t the focus of the show.

However, expectations do not always live up to reality. The changes from season one to the second season of One Punch Man could be felt throughout the community long before it aired. This cast a long shadow of doubt on the anime before it even had a chance at success. Still, I remained hopeful in spite of some troubling signs.

It was until the Spring 2019 season when I was finally granted the opportunity to watch it as it aired that my hope for something great was slowly diminished. Now, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t like One Punch Man’s second season was terrible, but it was a huge disappointment.

As promised, the focus was taken away from Saitama and interesting ideas were sometimes given an opportunity to peek through all of the mediocrity. This, just wasn’t enough though.

Normally I’m not one to harp too much on animation, but there was a lot of lazy work going on here. One episode even uses footage from the first season and you can really see just how bad the second season is in comparison. I wouldn’t even necessarily say the second season was really all that bad in this department overall, but these reminders, which were frequent enough, absolutely didn’t do this any favors. It was like the anime wanted to invite this mark against it.

Image result for one punch man season 2 garou and kid

The writing was pretty bad this time around too. Outside of Garou, there was almost no exploration of what it means to be a hero that had any impact at all. His character was interesting because Garou fights for the villains. That said, he manages to form this bond with a kid, and through some good use of flashbacks, you can really sympathize with his position. Agree with it? No, probably not, but understand and even think he isn’t that bad of a person deep down; absolutely, with ease.

I could go on, but it would just be me talking about how this felt like such an inferior product in every way. A hollow imitation at the best of times, and a miserable experience at the worst of times. Everything that made One Punch Man fun and interesting in the first season glimmers deep beneath the surface here, but it just can’t break through the mire of mediocrity in its wake. Not worth totally passing up on if you are a fan, but expect to be disappointed.

Were your thoughts different than mine for OPM season 2? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! If you would like to support my writing by giving a small donation (helps a lot), you can do so via the Ko-fi button below. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see ya again real soon!

6 thoughts on “One Punch Man Season 2 – Mini Review

  1. I liked season two more than you (and most people). The appeal of One Punch Man, for me, is the comedy so I am not too fussed about lack of depth or the fights being less flashy. I didn’t care for the non-ending though. Hopefully a future season can win back fans. I wonder if we will get one though. DVD sales might not be great, if people who disliked the series don’t buy it, and bad sales could kill future releases.

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    1. I don’t really care about flashy fights, I mention animation quality in that regard because the show goes out of its way to compare itself to S1 in that regard, which is really dumb. Comedy is well and good, but that isn’t enough for a show that wants to be doing more with its narrative.

      I get what you mean on sales though, I don’t think this will sell well at all and that does make a S3 seem rather unlikely.

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  2. I think this was one instance where the improved animation was a detriment rather than a boon, since the sloppy presentation was part of what made the first series cool. But I agere the storytelling was just off here and made for a weak show.

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    1. I think you mean to say that S2 had more consistency in animation? S1 definitely had stronger animation quality overall. Anyway, yeah, I agree this product was just off.


      1. S1 had some scrappy animation to play up to the often surreal nature of the show but here, it was a lot more refined and disciplined to my eyes, where it needed some random looseness to suit the weirder side which I wasn’t feeling. :-/

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