Anime ABC’s S Results

The Fate of the Vote is in One Man’s Hands…

This time around we had 20 unique voters who deliberated on over 40 titles. In the end we had an eight-way tie, truly this was the round of impossible choices! We’ve had ties before, but never this many, and this intense. Each of the 8 listed shows received 5 votes each (in no particular order):

  • Attack on Titan
  • Ghost Hound
  • Rakugo
  • SAO
  • A Silent Voice (Film)
  • Silver Spoon
  • Sound Euphonium
  • Spice and Wolf

I truly had expected a tight race, but this was beyond expectations. Breaking the tie myself is normally what I’d do here but I had a fairly unique opportunity. The last night of the vote, after it had ended, I was just coming home from watching some Golgo 13 with my D&D group (we are on a bit of a break right now) and I realized I hadn’t sent him the vote! For shame… As such, I thought I’d take the opportunity to have him be the decider.

Provided with the above list of options he sat and thought for a few minutes before finally consulting me with his final decision. He said it was a tough choice, both Spice and Wolf and Silver Spoon were viable options, but he said he settled ultimately on Silver Spoon because he thinks I would really enjoy it.

So there we have it folks! Silver Spoon has won the prestigious honor of being our 19th spot in this very cut-throat race. I hope you’ll look forward to the review! I’ll be working on the watch over the next few weeks as I have a few other projects currently in the works. Until then, there will be regular scheduled content or you can always check out the previous winner, Run with the Wind or my big alphabetized list of every anime I’ve reviewed.

Below you can find a breakdown of all the votes. This time I made the pie graph a little more digestible, but the bar graph is there in full. Also a reminder, one of the other votes was for a show I’ve already reviewed, please do not vote for shows I’ve reviewed previously. Consulted the above alphabetized list before voting please!


Other – Scorching Ping Pong Girls, Symphogear (I sadly forgot to include this on the list proper…), School-Live (Already have reviewed), and Shinesman

41 thoughts on “Anime ABC’s S Results

          1. Yes, only 22 episodes… But S1 and S2 each have their own central (and different) plot lines (while sharing a great deal of sidelines, themes, and ongoing sub plots).

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                    1. Yeah, that’s going to be trickier. At least Viz still owns the distribution rights to HNG, but I heard they dropped the Monster anime license a while ago even though they still have the manga rights.

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                    2. Wow, that must be some effect. I bet Discotek might be the most likely to do it since they’ve been rescuing licenses left and right for years. If they can relicense anime such as Key the Metal Idol, Jungle Emperor Leo (1997), or even Dai-Guard, they can get Monster.

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                    3. That’s certainly a good choice. How many moms out there would encourage their sons to watch Hikaru no Go with them? Shoot, it felt like pulling teeth when I got my mom to watch The Place Promised In Our Early Days when I was in my late teens. At least she liked the film though. Hahaha!

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                    4. Of course. It would be great, but I don’t know with who yet since a lot of my friends don’t live that close to me. That and my work schedule is going to be intense this summer.

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                    5. I don’t really know your coworkers but I’d pick a movie that you think would suit their taste, just to get their feet wet. Though, in my experience, a lot of folks watch anime now so they might actually surprise ya.

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