This Art Club Has a Problem! – Collaboration with Yomu: Episode 10

Sometimes, it’s the Small Stuff

This time around for the Art Club collab, I decided to tackle a core theme. Usually on Yomu’s theme list, I take an episode specific one, but this time I went for an evergreen as we begin our way to the homestretch. This show has had its ups and downs, but the small things are what have largely made Art Club watchable. As such, that’s exactly what I’ll be talking about for today’s episode.

While this episode really wasn’t the greatest in terms of content (though it did have a pretty choice Collette moment), it’s core theme was one that I enjoyed. Most of the episode explored the idea of helping others. I’m all about positive messages, and for me, this is a little thing that made Art Club more enjoyable this week.

The first instance of this can be seen with the revisiting of the time Subaru and Usami helped Moeka. Later, you also see Subaru help Usami out, despite his personality and stated disinterest in 3D girls when the teacher pressures Usami to run for student council. Finally, you can see this theme again when Usami helps Subaru and Collette study for an exam.

Image result for this art club has a problem collette and subaru
I just wanted to share this picture of Moeka, and her dream.

If I’m being fair, Imari also helps Kaori out in the last part of the episode, which is rather short. Either way, the theme persists through the entire episode which was good. Thinking back on previous episodes, I don’t think Art Club has had such a consistent theme tie each of its three separate acts together.

Of course, bigger themes or ideas have been touched on more consistently throughout, but that is only to be expected. It reminded me a lot of Karandi’s post on the spirit of the artist. I mean more of a smaller, pointed theme.

Furthermore, I like that this message was positive. If we are being real, Art Club does not always have the greatest things to say. Subaru is generally awful and Usami has her share of issues. This anime is a comedy, and it doesn’t really need to have deep or consistent messaging, but I think it deserves some recognition for the effort at the very least.

I don’t have much more to say on this episode. It was fun to try one of these core themes out. Maybe I’ll do another one for the next episode? I can’t just write about Collette every time (or can I…?)! Let me know what little detail stuck out to you this episode. If you want to support my writing, simply click my donation button. With that, have a good one and thanks for reading!

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