This Art Club Has a Problem! – Collaboration with Yomu: Episode 9

Every Night in My Dreams…

Seriously, click that above. That’s what plays through my head when I picture Collette.

For whatever reason when Yomu put up the themes for this episode the Collette ones didn’t get taken. Seeing that Yomu is also a big fan of resident best girl, I thought it would be a cryin’ shame if the not one, but TWO Collette centered themes went abandoned. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to explain my favorite two moments featuring the lovable foreigner.

Image result for this art club has a problem colletteThis week’s episode of Art Club! only had Collette in the spotlight a little bit, but that’s better than not at all. I did manage to get two favorite things from the episode though, so that’s a relief because I was unsure there would be enough Collette. Either way, I had a backup plan, but I’ll save that for a future time, just in case.

Moment 1 – The Necronomicon

I liked that Collette claimed to know, and to have seen, the Necronomicon but then immediately couldn’t pronounce it. The gag continued with Tachibana fumbling on it as well, leading to a pretty good joke payoff.

Moment 2 – Reading, “The Book”

When Collette discovers that Subaru might have the Necronomicon she tries to take it from him. This results in an awkward moment when Tachibana shows up. Collette is just standing in the middle of the hall, casually reading, “the dangerous book” before getting Subaru in trouble.

Image result for this art club has a problem episode 9

Leading up to this, Collette accessed her ahoge powers to detect Subaru and Usami trying to get rid of, “the book” before getting caught. The ahoge was pretty strong this episode since it was used to allow Collette to emote more than normal at the start of the episode as well.

On a tangent, I really enjoyed Moeka’s part of the episode. She’s a good character too and wouldn’t mind seeing more of her. Anyway, what was your favorite Collette moment so far in the whole series? She’s had plenty of good ones! If you’d like to support my writing, Collette… huh, I’m told I shouldn’t do that joke again… well the donation button is below. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you back here at Jon Spencer Reviews again soon!

7 thoughts on “This Art Club Has a Problem! – Collaboration with Yomu: Episode 9

  1. I want you to know that I listened to the recorder cover the whole time I read this, and it really added to my reading experience. Then, I kept it on to read Yomu’s emotional post about Koyama-sensei, since it also tied in very well with that!! Dare I say…”My Heart Will Go On (Recorder Version)” is now the official song for this collab.

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  2. I think that locket picture sums up Collette perfectly.
    She’s always just so happy go lucky!
    I also liked how she claimed to have seen the necronomicon for some reason.

    Liked by 1 person

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