This Art Club Has a Problem! – Collaboration with Yomu: Episode 8

Character Growth is Important

In most shows, characters learn and grow as it goes on. That’s a great thing! Today I’ll be looking at how each character has changed in Art Club! for episode 8’s theme. With just a couple of episodes left, surely the signs of change can be seen in each character… right?


Image result for this art club has a problem usamiLet’s start off with our girl Usami here. Right away we can see that she is finally moving away from just apple themed art. Thank goodness! While I found her apple art obsession funny, it is nice to see her try something different. Outside of this episode we have seen some growth in Usami.

She’s become a bit bolder when it comes to Subaru, but she still isn’t being open about how she feels. There was a(nother) golden opportunity in this episode but she blew it. Seeing how she is the focus of the series, I am not too surprised that she hasn’t grown much but I suspect we should see some sort of marked progress come the end of the series.

On that note, Art Club! takes place over a short period of time, a school year, and people don’t tend to change that drastically very quickly. Additionally, this is a comedy and character growth isn’t always something that gets much focus. Still, I am hopeful that Art Club! will try at the very least.


Image result for this art club has a problem subaruIn this episode Subaru didn’t really demonstrate any growth. Though, he’s actually received a fair bit throughout the 8 episodes so far. When you first meet him, he’s such a dislikable character. However, you get to see that he is is actually thoughtful, kind, passionate, and more. He’s still kind of a despicable character overall, and he’s easy to hate on, but the fact that Art Club! has allowed him to grow the most is encouraging.


Image result for this art club has a problem colletteIf there’s one character I’m fine with not seeing much growth, it’s Collette. She’s the lifeblood of this series, and always has me happy to see her on screen. If it weren’t for her, Art Club! wouldn’t be nearly as watchable. She offers a lot of levity and humor that is a lot more tasteful.


Image result for this art club has a problem presidentInitial impressions of the President are that he is a lazy, sleepy dude. While that’s held true, it has been demonstrated that he is actually pretty perceptive and thoughtful. I wouldn’t really call this growth, but from the audience perspective, the added depth to, what is largely a background character, is nice. 


Image result for this art club has a problem imariImari is just too new to the cast. She’s become more obvious about her chuunibyou, but that’s about it. That’s about it here.


Image result for this art club has a problem tachibanaFinally we reach the new teacher that watches over the art club. She’s done a pretty poor job, but she has put in effort. Her growth is in that effort, but it has been pretty small. Tachibana is relegated to a relatively unimportant place in the background cast.

That’s it for this week’s collab with Yomu post. Be sure to check out the other postings too. I know this one wasn’t very exciting. If you want to support my work though please use the donation button below. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you back here at Jon Spencer Reviews again soon!

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