This Art Club Has a Problem! – Collaboration with Yomu: Episode 7

Ladies and Gentleman, Let’s Get Ready to RUMBLE!

It’s finally time folks! The premier event YOU have been waiting for. Imari V. Usami, who will win Subaru’s heart? This is my LIVE play-by-play coverage of episode 7 and the ongoing struggle to prove who’s love is the strongest. There is still a little time left before the show, so let’s check in with our callers at home and see what they have to say:

I’ll be there!
My money is on Usami, the underdog.


That’s right folks, Usami seems to be the fan-favorite underdog here despite her horrible odds at 50:1! With that, let’s review these contenders statistics and recap the standings so far.

Pre-Show Stats & Recap

Imari.pngImari is a recent addition to the cast of Art Club!, coming in hot. She managed to take Usami off guard in the previous episode, scoring her some big points despite how late in the season it is.

Taking a look at her stats we can see that she is pretty into, “boy stuff” which gives her a huge leg up on the competition. Not only that but she has shown incredible athleticism with minimal violent tendencies.

This has resulted in a decent score for cuteness and has raised her waifu potential to a threshold that may just well be enough to have Subaru take notice. Usami should definitely be worried!

It just goes to show folks, you should never underestimate a transfer student, even if your love interest is only interested in 2D girls! While the odds are currently stacked in Imari’s favor, anything could happen to give Usami the lead moving forward. With odds 2:1, she’d have to perform pretty poorly this episode to lose her massive lead.

UsamiTurning our attention to Usami, we can give her a bit of credit. Subaru and her share a mutual interest in art. Not only that, but they do have more history than Imari. However, Usami tends to lean toward the violent side and has openly stated that she isn’t into, “boy stuff” like anime and manga.

This has resulted in a very low waifu potential score for Usami. To make matters even worse, she has very little in the way of athleticism. The only real category that Usami is a clear winner in, aside from the negative violent category, is her cute factor. She’s easily flustered and is generally more pleasant to look at.

Exploring some of that history I mentioned, Usami has shared an indirect kiss with Subaru, which is a big step towards an official relationship, or so I’m told. She’s also completed a huge work with Subaru during the pool episode, though she did have help from Collette. Speaking of, Collette seems to be playing support for Usami. With this wildcard in play, things could quickly swing into her favor as Imari has currently chosen to fight this battle solo.

Normally, this would be considered a risky move but given the circumstances so far, it seems to be the right call. Despite how far apart our two contenders seem, this is a match that a lot of folks at home have been watching closely. In fact, many have been ignoring our experts’ analysis and odds, so I’m sure many of you are on the edge of your seats!

I’ve just gotten word that the main event will be starting now, so strap in as I, your host, Jon Spencer of Jon Spencer Reviews, brings you LIVE play-by-play coverage of this week’s intense war over Subaru’s heart. Thank you once again for choosing JSR TV & Radio for your pay-per-view coverage of today’s event. Please enjoy the show.

Main Event

Usami starts strong out the gate as Subaru and her are gearing up to participate in another art competition. Given that Imari has yet to join the club, this exclusive alone time with Subaru could prove a fatal blow to Imari’s chances. However, I doubt Imari will just take this laying down. I’ll be on the edge of my seat in this section of the episode, “Our First Joint Task…?” as I’m sure you’ll be as well!

Already Usami has managed to falter in this golden opportunity. Subaru is not interested in assisting her in the art competition, even going as far as to reveal that the only reason he helped last time was because he had ruined her apple art. Only helping out of a sense of obligation and not because he actually cares for Usami… oof… what a blow!

What’s this? Usami takes the blow in stride and turns things around on Subaru! What an unexpected turn of events! To think she didn’t get mad and hit Subaru or anything. It just goes to show the training Usami has had throughout the season has begun to finally pay off. It’s the moment of truth, will her tactics land a minor victory for her?

Oh! It’s a complete fumble! Subaru’s completely uncaring attitude for anything outside his waifus makes conventional strategy virtually meaningless. You have to really be playing on a whole other level to be the first to capture his heart. Instead, this turn of events has backfired on Usami and Subaru has managed a critical hit!

Folks at home, can you believe this?!? A new challenger has appeared! It’s… Levi from Attack on Titan???

Image result for levi from attack on titan

Whispering can be heard at this point of the broadcast, a man has appeared just off-camera and is explaining something to the host. There are nods and some shuffling of papers.

Image result for this art club has a problem episode 7

I have just been informed that this is not Levi, but… well who he is doesn’t matter. Instead, we see Usami’s signature rage here as she gets fired up to defend Subaru’s honor! The golden opportunity that had just slipped between her fingers is once again in sight as Subaru is sure to participate in the contest now that a waifu of his has been insulted.

While Usami is off venting her frustrations Subaru begins to think that she may actually be into moe characters. I’d almost count this as a point in her favor today but at the same time it is just as much a blow to her as well. The president, who is akin to the Switzerland of this war, doesn’t do much to help or hurt the situation in his denial of Subaru’s thoughts.

The savage beast, Usami, now soothed by Subaru taking up the task feels as if she has had a minor victory. However, from where we sit it isn’t over yet! The progress she’s made here is actually insignificant, but there is still time!

Subaru once again lands another critical hit as he states that Usami would not be his mom, but rather, his wife! What a crazy turn of events. I simply cannot believe the roller coaster of emotion these two are taking all of us on. Usami may just have a chance here after all! Her faith that she will come out on top is not just a pipe dream!

Image result for crunchyrollThis brings us to our first commercial message as the program takes a regularly scheduled break. Episode 7 of Art Club! is brought to you by CrunchyrollWant to keep up with the latest anime you love? Have a series a friend said you just have to see? Well Crunchyroll is the #1 streaming platform for all of your anime needs! If you live in the US, why not consider a VRV account and get access to even MORE anime! Whether it’s something new or old you want to watch, you can’t go wrong with Crunchyroll! Remember, they want you folks to stay crunchy!

Returning from her temporary high from Subaru’s comments, Usami is impressed by Subaru’s commitment to how he does his art. She temporarily loses her cool when asked to sport the frilly dress, but ultimately goes along with the plan. A rocky recovery, but she still has a horse in this race yet.

Usami has even managed to land a successful hit on Subaru! He said she looked like a figure, which is no small compliment coming from this waifu-obsessed otaku. What’s this? Subaru seems to be staring… could it be?

No! Usami has blown her temporary advantage! She’s been flashing Subaru this entire time and mistook that as his interest in her. This girl should really have learned her lesson and continued to invest in the proper armor for such an arena, bicycle shorts!

Imari has managed to sneak her way into the episode during a typical montage. She’s admiring Subaru from afar right now. Could she be planning something? Her hands-off approach may leave her giving Usami an unintentionally big boost here. This is a risky move if not handled correctly. Just what could Imari be plotting here?

In the heat of this battle to win first place against the random challenger, Usami and Subaru have forgotten why they came together in the first place. I can’t help but feel that they are closer now, a fact picked up on by Collette as well. Despite the numerous missteps, Usami has clearly gained a lot of ground in this portion of the episode.

Time for our second commercial break! This one is brought to you by the student council at Shuchiin Academy. Who else understands better than Kaguya and Miyuki that love is war, and a most treacherous battlefield. You can see all of the intense back-and-forth in this season’s Kaguya-sama: Love is War which is streaming now on Cruncyroll!

Seriously, this show is really good, you should watch it!

As if sensing her advantage slipping, Imari is guaranteed to make some sort of a move here in, “Master Imari” which could prove a problem for Usami. I sense a coup coming on.

Image result for this art club has a problem episode 7

Just as I suspected, the groundwork has already been laid in just the first few moments. Usami told Collette that her goal to be a hero of justice is foolish. That’s just harsh! Who would do that to poor Collette? As a result, it is clear that Imari will pounce on this opportunity to snatch away Usami’s most vital ally. A clever move if she follows through on this successfully.

If only Imari knew that a rift had grown between Usami and Collette, then she may not have given such sound advice. However, this may actually be part of her grander scheme! As they say, winning a battle with kindness is a viable strategy. Could this be what Imari is going for?

While some may only see a simple delusion here, I can’t say I’m so sure. Usami made some real progress this episode and Imari seems to be laying the foundation to ensure success. The battle for Subaru’s heart is sure to rage on! However, that’s all for this week’s exciting episode of Art Club!

Join me, your host, Jon Spencer once again next week as we dive deeper into the continually evolving drama. Be sure to thank our sponsors and check out the supervising network at Yomu HQThere are other wonderful programs as part of the lineup there that are sure to be of interest to you, so don’t be shy and check ’em out!

Image result for this art club has a problem colette gif
Operator Collette ready to take your call!

What were your thoughts on this week’s episode? Be sure to, “call in” with a comment and let us hear your lovely voice. Are you team Usami or team Imari? Our operators are standing by, so what are you waiting for? Also, don’t forget to consider leaving a donation so we can continue to bring you coverage of any new developments in this ongoing war over Subaru’s heart! Just use the Ko-fi link or let Collette know you’re interested in a donation, she’ll be standing by! Thanks again for tuning in and I’ll look forward to seeing you again next week!

5 thoughts on “This Art Club Has a Problem! – Collaboration with Yomu: Episode 7

  1. I feel like I watched a completely different episode haha

    Imari is definitely playing the long game – while I originally suspected Subaru would be the one to bring her into the art club, it seems that she may be planning on using Collette to get in there instead. Usami may have had some small victories, but Imari is looking very scary in the long run. Her stats alone are cause for concern.

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