Time for an Update


I just wanted to write you all a quick update regarding this week’s scheduling. I will not be putting up any articles except for the Friday collab with Yomu. There are a few reasons for this so please allow me a moment to explain.

  1. Due to the weekend not shaking out as intended I did not have time to write, “Monday’s”, meaning today’s article in advance. I had intended to review Bunny Girl Senpai but that looks like it will have to wait until next week.
  2. Additionally, a friend of mine was discussing some stuff about his job (he’s an engineer) and I made some recommendations regarding the business he works for. As a result, I now have a temporary (and by that I mean very temporary) consulting job. I’m going to be busy assisting him in writing a business plan proposal. I could use the money obviously, and I am in no position to decline this. However, that means I do not have much extra time for writing this week.
  3. My third, and final, reason for this is that I need to prep the showcase. Submissions close next week on the 28th but I still have to read several submissions still and begin organizing what I have into a pleasant format. I am going to take this time off to focus on that in place of new content for the week. In my opinion, it is more important to have this ready than to rush content for the week and try to do this at the same time.

I thank you in advance for your understanding. Please enjoy your week and I look forward to resuming our regular schedule next week!

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