My Anime Music Playlist – A Response to Apprentice Mages Lounge (Nearly a Year Later)

Ok, I Know This is Late…

Way back in December 2017, Derek posted on his site, Apprentice Mages Lounge, a post titled, “My Anime Music Playlist…” in which he shared his anime playlist at the time. He then went and requested others share their lists with him. I had intentions to do so, but I wanted to wait until I had a respectable list. Well, nearly a year later, I believe today is finally that day with my current 80+ song list which I updated weekly since the day Derek originally posted!

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Below you’ll find the link to the Spotify playlist which features songs from K-On!Steins;Gate, and even Zombieland Saga! Some of the songs featured here are covers, both in English and Japanese, with a few duplications in cases where I also had access to the original. There may be a song or two that isn’t from an anime but… it’s my list! Miku counts, right? My point is, there is something for everyone here!

You can check out the playlist by clicking this link.

Everything in the list is something I personally enjoy and may provide some inspiration for your very own list. Plus, some of these songs can be tricky to find so feel free to snag ’em while you are there! I do update the list fairly regularly, at least once a week, so it should be a fairly good resource when you’d like some new music.

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I’m sure that many of you have your own playlists, be they on YouTube, Spotify, or some other platform. Be sure to reply below with your list or even write your own article and explain why you put the songs you did into the list!

Let me know how you enjoyed the list and I look forward to seeing yours! If you’d like to support the site and the work I do here, click my donation button below. As always, thanks for reading and be sure to head on over to Derek’s place and give him a follow!

18 thoughts on “My Anime Music Playlist – A Response to Apprentice Mages Lounge (Nearly a Year Later)

  1. Some great songs! Lots of Kimi no Wa on there… Still need to go back and add that to my playlist.

    I’ve been in awe of this version of Sparkle for the last couple of weeks, ever since it popped up in my Youtube reccomendations:

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  2. This is a cool idea! I’ve been wanting to write a music-related post for a while now so I think I will make a playlist too! I see History Maker… the song I’m listening to right now hahaha!

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