‘Malevolent’ Mini-Film Review

Grade: D+

Florence Pugh in Malevolent (2018)

When it comes to Halloween, Netflix seems to be the go-to for anything horror, yet I personally would not recommend ‘Malevolent’. You can dismiss this and watch it if you are looking for some scares, but from my personal experience, I found it disappointing. My girlfriend and I watched this movie as a way to celebrate the month of Halloween; though she liked it more than I did. I will say that if you are a horror buff like she is, you might actually enjoy it for what it is. It is not a terrible movie, or one that is regretfully awful, but it is one that needs more meat on its bones.

For those who have never heard of ‘Malevolent’, it is yet another one of those supernatural horror movies where the main characters are con artists who stage hauntings just to get by, yet one of them has a special gift to where she can see (and possibly communicate with) the dead. I feel I should not say any more for those willing to watch this themselves. Yet, I feel that ‘Malevolent is one of those Netflix movies that is popular for a day and ends up on the back-burner as a forgotten movie. 

I really do not have much to say about ‘Malevolent’. If you want something to watch this Halloween, give it a shot; I just did not like it.

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