Mini Review Mondays – Formal Announcement

Howdy Folks!

You guys may remember that awhile back I announced I’d be doing these things called, “Mini Reviews” in this update. They are something I’ve done every Monday now for quite some time so I thought it was time I make Mini Review Monday official. I’m making this announcement today because last night I went to a ballroom dance and got back too late to have an actual review prepped BUT I really wanted to tell you guys this is going to be an official revision to the schedule anyway.

That’s really it. Every Monday I’ll be doing a Mini Review of something because they are not too difficult for me to create if I have a long weekend (and didn’t manage to get ahead on scheduling) and they allow me to cover things I don’t have a ton to say on. Since you guys seem to like them, I figured the permanent change to the posting schedule should be formally announced.

Let me know if you have a request for a Mini Review topic and what your thoughts on the Mini Reviews so far have been. If you would like to support my work on the site please hit the button below. Lastly, thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful rest of your day!


6 thoughts on “Mini Review Mondays – Formal Announcement

    1. Yes! I have a review of it up on the site if you want my full thoughts on it. It was an alright anime that got better as it went but didn’t do a good enough job showing off dance as well as it could have. Would watch more of it.

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