The Marble Olympics – Something Cool I Found & Had to Share

You’ll Want to Check This Out!

For today I’ll be talking about something totally different than usual, I’m going to be recommending you a YouTube channel I stumbled across earlier this week. What do you get when you combine marble courses, sports commentary, and excellent production? You’d end up with the channel, “Jelle’s Marble Runs” which is filled with all sorts of cool marble videos, most notably, the annual MarbleLympics. Trust me, this is one satisfying experience with a bit more to it than you might expect.

So what exactly is the base appeal of this channel? For starters if you are a fan of Rube Goldberg style machines this kind of thing is going to naturally appeal. While nothing here from Jelle’s is going to be at that level of complexity, it makes up for that fact by appealing to something else that a lot of people like:  sports.

The core videos of this channel focus on marble races featuring various teams of marbles such as, The O’rangers and The Limers, as an example. Coupling this with, “live” commentary provided by Greg Woods, who has the natural sportscaster voice that is a pleasure to listen to, and you have one engaging experience.

Greg’s commentary elevates the content from something you might enjoy once to something you can watch for hours on end. Don’t let this fool you into thinking I find Jelle’s contributions bad, because that man has some incredible production values that have only improved from the time he started out in 2006.

Everything has a professional ESPN level polish that is frankly, quite incredible. The overlays give you detailed information on events and the various marbles, multiple camera angles, recap, and the, “crowd” roars and will boo based on what’s going on. Some teams even have their own cheers like the O’rangers do. In a word, everything has polish.

Now, keep in mind, I don’t like sports nor do I typically watch the Olympics. That kind of thing just doesn’t generally appeal to me for more than maybe once or twice a year at most. So to say that I could sit down and watch the content here for days on end, that’s high praise.

There’s another, more personal, connection to this content I have though. Perhaps unsurprising to some of you, Jelle Bakker, the man behind this wonderful content, has Autism. I’ve spoken several times how I have this (along with several other disorders) as well so I can really relate to him.

You see, this kind of interest in something like marbles, just as an example, isn’t uncommon for people with Autism. Some people get way into Thomas the Tank Engine or Hot Wheels, typically resulting in huge hobbyist collections that don’t really do much for anyone but the collector. However, in this case, Jelle Bakker has managed to turn this into a successful career!

He states on his YouTube channel that his main goal is:

My biggest dream is to set up an own museum with marble runs and similar contraptions.

NEWS: This dream will be come true in the near future, as i found someone who will help me setting up a toy museum including my marble runs.

I’m so incredibly proud of this guy and I don’t even know him. To take what life has given him, plus his interest in marbles, and with the help of some other folks, Jelle has managed to make quite the name for himself. For me, and probably a lot of other folks, this guy is a real inspiration because he proves that folks like myself can really be successful.

You guys have heard me say many times that I have a rough time of things. Getting work just as an example. There are a lot of times I think I should give this writing thing up too. So I just want to say thank you to Jelle here for his content. Additionally, the community surrounding his content is so positive and wonderful, much like the WordPress community here.

Do you still need a little convincing to check this guy out? Let me talk about the 2017 MarbleLympics a bit. You might just be thinking that the events are all races but they aren’t! Jelle has thought of several events ranging from timed endurance matches, archery, and even a competitive fidget spinner event. Some of this stuff you really do just have to see for yourself but the variety really surprised me quite a bit.

I just recently finished up watching that year’s MarbleLympics and was excited from event to event. I even jumped on a team, this time the O’rangers, which I didn’t expect to do. I haven’t even gotten around to the 2018 MarbleLympics yet, but I am so excited to give that a watch soon!

Speaking of, I went ahead and found the over 2 hour compilation of the 2018 MableLympics so you can see what I mean here. Alternatively, you can always check out the channel, “Jelle’s Marble Runs” yourself.

With that I hope you’ll give Jelle a look and consider jumping on board with his content and community. Let me hear which team is your favorite in the comments below and, of course, thank you so much for reading!

I changed the format for this article a bit as you might have noticed. This time it’s just my donation button if you’d like to support my site and the type of content I make. The money is really helpful so if you can, I would greatly appreciate it!

10 thoughts on “The Marble Olympics – Something Cool I Found & Had to Share

  1. It seems like it’s a new popular thing because I also recently stumbled upon Marble Olympics. And yeah, it’s nothing but amazing how clever, intricate and well-thought-out the games are.

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  2. I haven’t watched the video in it’s entirety but I marble, erm marvel over the creativity that was put into this. Am adding the channel to my list on Youtube. This certainly is incredibly unique indeed, and it always amazed me how creative some people can be! 😊 Thanks for sharing this!

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  3. Hey, I stumbled across this channel a few days ago myself! Some really, really awesome production value and a whole lot of work goes into each of these guy’s videos, and the quality is seriously top-notch. Everyone should definitely give his channel a look, because the guy clearly has his passion and a whole lot of effort to match it.

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