Re-Kan! – Mini Review

Jaw-Dropping Backgrounds

Image result for re-kanFor no particular reason I ended up watching Re-Kan! over an extended period of time. It’s a little comedy about a girl who can see and talk to ghosts that is actually a lot more heart-felt than you might expect at first glance. Re-Kan! is a cute 13 episode show from 2015 that won’t be the next best thing you’ve watched but a good showing if you like fairly straight-forward stories about helping ghosts centered around a group of high school friends. The biggest hurdle for most viewers, however, is the, “unique” backgrounds.

I mentioned I’m not sure why I started watching the show but the reason I stayed was for the backgrounds (plus the first couple of stories were fairly funny and cute). You all thought Hand Shakers and Gonzo productions were bad at times? Man, Re-Kan! is something else. Here’s just a few samples:

Image result for re-kan backgrounds

Related image

This was just what I could find online with a Google search but watch episode one, be sure to pay special attention to the car in that episode, and you’ll see what I mean. Normally the show looks great but the backgrounds were a huge clash. Considering most of the locations are heavily reused and there isn’t a ton to animate in most scenes, it is such a bizarre choice to have your most used locations look so ugly.

I can’t help but love them though. They always brought a smile to my face and since everything else was a good time it was easy to overlook (well, not exactly easy but I was happy to do it). My personal favorite episodes come toward the end as they become more emotionally weighted. I liked the episodes with the little ghost girl and the main character’s mom the most.

Image result for re-kan car from episode 1

Unfortunately, in the early episodes especially, their is a pretty awful cat character that likes looking at women’s panties (more like young girls…) so I wasn’t a big fan of that. This being said, there is almost no fanservice in this show which I enjoyed since the cast is mostly female and the genre category is comedy.

Last thing to mention, and this doesn’t have much to do with my previous points, for some reason the OP sounds very similar to the Ghost Stories OP which leads to some unfortunate moments when it is used as sad music in the background. If you haven’t seen Ghost Stories you should definitely check that out too.

Re-Kan! isn’t going to be for everybody but I hope you’ll decide to give it a shot. In the midst of all the new shows that come out each year it can be fun to go back and try random shows you may have missed. Sometimes, you may just be glad you did!

Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below. Hit that button you see to donate some dosh my way. As always, thanks for reading and I hope to see you back here at Jon Spencer Reviews soon!


15 thoughts on “Re-Kan! – Mini Review

  1. It’s tough to keep up with current shows, let alone ones that aired years ago. Like you say however, if you can spare the time checking out stuff from yesteryear can often reward you with good entertainment.

    Due to my terrible memory I can hardly remember this anime. Based on the review I wrote, back in the day, I enjoyed it too. Like you I dug the funny stuff early on and the emotional tales told in the later episodes. I have a soft spot for the cat, but then again I am biased because I too am guilty of saying inappropriate stuff on occasion.

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    1. I guess I’m still a rare breed of anime fan because I don’t really care too much about modern vs older stuff. I just watch what I feel like watching lol. There are just a lot of great shows!

      Haha, well the cat has ONE good episode that I liked but that’s because it wasn’t good for the cat XD I love that ghost powers also let you randomly communicate with cats too. It is all very silly.

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    1. Thanks 🙂 I know you aren’t a big comedy fan but like you said, it does have more going on. I think the first few episodes might be a bit rough for you though so if you do watch it’ll probably take 3 or 4 of ’em for ya.

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  2. This was a decent little show, harmless enough with some cute laughs.

    But what bugged me the most was the deal with the eyes being visible under the hair. I don’t know why they do that in anime but they really need to stop as it not only looks dumb but is completely unrealistic! 😡

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