‘The Meg’ Film Review

Grade: B+

Jason Statham in The Meg (2018)

With the way ‘The Meg’ was marketed, you would not expect anything more than an action B-movie starring Jason Statham, yet surprisingly, a lot of effort and care has been taken to make sure Jon Turteltaub’s adaptation of Steve Alten’s science-fiction horror novel ‘Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror’ was as thrilling of a shark movie as it could be. Despite having humorous moments, audiences expecting B-movie fun will either be disappointed, or find themselves enjoying what they came for; depending on how they see it. As much of a B-movie lover I am, I walked in expecting nothing more than an entertaining, albeit disposable, bad shark movie fit for the SyFy channel, yet instead walked out of something much more. In fact, I could say that ‘The Meg’ is one of the best shark movies since ‘Jaws’!

Killer shark movies are interesting to me, I do not know why. Maybe because it is awesome to see these “terrors of the deep” go up against humans in the most intense way. ‘The Meg’ is full of that intensity, as well as the bloody violence a shark movie cannot do without despite receiving a PG-13 rating (as most shark movies are getting nowadays). The rating does not make ‘The Meg’ any less exciting however, as we are treated to many suspenseful moments when characters are trapped in the water with the Megalodon getting closer! “What? A Megalodon?”, you say! “Sounds awesome!” Due to this, it is no doubt that ‘The Meg’ is one of the surprise successes of the year!

Joining Statham is an entertaining cast as a group of scientists that provide humor and character motivations for Statham while on the way to stop this giant prehistoric shark from reaching the shores; Bingbing Li, Rainn Wilson, Cliff Curtis, Winston Chao, and Ruby Rose work well off of each other and help make ‘The Meg’ entertaining, while Shuya Sophia Cai steals the show as Bingbing Li’s character’s daughter!

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