Quick Update – New PC, Dr. Stuff, & Misc.

Hello Everybody!

Today is just a quick update post because I didn’t really have enough time for a proper post and I have a lot going on for the next couple days anyhow. As you may know, I also got a new computer recently (and it is awesome… mostly) which meant I lost a lot of time I would normally use for post making and such to getting it all setup.

The PC

New computer is a monster that runs lightning fast. I love that! The only drawback is that the graphics card is kind of not so great. Supposedly I can’t run a lot of games but I’m finding that I can skirt around that issue due to the pure power level of the computer in all other aspects. However, I am now incapable of playing some of my favorite games with friends which is very sad. At least I have Hearthstone though!

I’ve been suggested an external GPU case and to just upgrade it that way but that’s out of my budget. That’d run me at least three to four hundred bucks which is just too much on my ~$60 a month income. For now this’ll have to do. The computer was a great price and is perfect in all other aspects, just kind of a letdown that the graphics card is so crummy comparatively.

The reason I needed to buy a new computer is that my old one was running really hot and was definitely going to die sooner rather than later if I kept using it for everything I want and need to use a computer for. I gave the old one to my brother because he needed a computer for school and it can manage YouTube and Google Drive perfectly fine at least. He doesn’t seem to be that enthusiastic though because it runs a little slow. Guess no good deed goes unpunished… 

Dr. Stuff

I have to go to the Dr. tomorrow so they can take my blood and run tests on it. Then I go in next week to have them tell me all about the results. You may remember that I left my last job because of health reasons so maybe we will get some answers here? I definitely need to figure something out because I need money to live. No offense to the ~$60 but that isn’t exactly enough.

Dr. visits will impact content creation just because I don’t know how long they will take or how I’ll be feeling afterwards. I’d say that this week it shouldn’t be a big deal since it is just blood but next week I’ll probably do another update post about the results.


Other than that, I plan starting my rewatch of Psycho-Pass soon as well as working some more on V2.0 of my game. I haven’t really gotten a ton of feedback but hopefully I’ll get some more soon. The goal with that version is to have a fully fleshed out concept demo with 3-5 levels of content, some story, and more, “final” assets. A composer reached out to me and is doing some music for free (which I just can’t believe) so at the very least V2.0 is going to have a killer soundtrack!

Hope everybody is having a good one and I’ll see you back here for something on Friday (I’m not sure what yet). If you’d like to give me a little help financially hit the button below, I’d really appreciate with everything going on, but don’t feel like you have to. Lastly, thanks for taking the time to read today!

6 thoughts on “Quick Update – New PC, Dr. Stuff, & Misc.

  1. Congrats on the new computer.
    I promise I haven’t forgotten feedback on your game, I’m just running a little behind this week with everything (had some big work catch up to do after getting sick last week).

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  2. Good to see your machine is treating you well, at the very least. In life, where many things can hit the fan before you can blink, having a few things here and there to look forwards to is a beacon that keeps you focused. 頑張った!

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