Anime ABC’s P Results

All-Time High!

Congratulations everybody, we pulled together to achieve the greatest voting turnout so far with 31 unique voters! This is only 2 more than the previous record but I’m still really happy that we beat it all the same. So, what title won the coveted position of getting reviewed this time?

Having received 13 total votes is Psycho-Pass! This one is a popular show that I’ve considered covering a few times in the past so it is definitely long overdue. There is a lot of excellent content covering the series (especially here in the aniblogging sphere) as is so I’ll have to think hard about how I want to cover it for sure. I’m really excited to watch this one again and finally take a look at it!

In the meantime be sure to check out the previous ABC’s article where I review Ouran High School Host ClubI really struggled with that one and tried a lot of new stuff with that article with fairly mixed results. That’s alright though because, in case you haven’t noticed, the Anime ABC’s series is a place where I experiment and try something new every single time!

Need more content? Of course you can check out my alphabetized list of every anime I’ve ever reviewed or discussed here on the site. Other than that, I have all my other content available from the various menus located at the top of the page (including the stuff I linked here too). Consider staying awhile, catching up, and sharing your thoughts with me while you’re here.

Lastly, below is a complete breakdown of the total results from the voting. Notice that I included a new feature this time in the forms of links to each show’s synopsis. Only 2 people used ’em but a lot of folks want me to keep them. I think we’ll try this at least one more time but if folks don’t need them I’ll stop doing it because it is a tedious process for me.

Sorry this is hard to read…
Other:  Peach Girl , Polar Bear Cafe, Paranoia Agent (I can’t believe I forgot to include that in the original vote), & Patapata Hikousen no Bouken/Secret of Cerulean Sand
Did you use the links?
Keep the links?


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