‘Christopher Robin’ Film Review

Grade: B

Ewan McGregor, Brad Garrett, Jim Cummings, and Nick Mohammed in Christopher Robin (2018)

Winnie the Pooh and friends return in yet another live-action remake of a popular animated Disney classic, only this time, it is more of a sequel than a straight remake. In it, Christopher Robin is all grown up (and played by Ewan McGregor), with a wife (Hayley Atwell) and daughter (Bronte Carmichael), and a job as an efficiency expert at a company run by Giles Winslow (Mark Gatiss); though his job gives him little to no time with his family. Christopher Robin feels stuck in the hum-drum of work. But who better than Winnie the Pooh (Voiced yet again by Jim Cummings) to save the day, and show Christopher what he has been missing?

It is easy to compare Marc Forster’s ‘Christopher Robin’ to Steven Spielberg’s ‘Hook’, due to the similarities where a childlike character grows up and has to reclaim his childhood with the help of some memories; Peter Pan’s being Neverland, and Christopher Robin’s being Pooh and his pals in the Hundred Acre Wood. From there, you can tell where the story is going to go, but that does not mean that it is any less pleasant.

At times, ‘Christopher Robin’ can be dark, dull, and depressing, but it manages to be light and cheery, sometimes even when it does not need to be. The residents of the Hundred Acre Wood are still the same characters we have appreciated over the years, despite not having enough time to shine, and the cast fits wonderfully. As you know, Cummings has returned to voice Pooh, but he also decided to take on the role of Tigger again, after Chris O’Dowd reportedly left the project. Joining Cummings is an assortment of cast members; Nick Mohammed as Piglet, Brad Garrett as Eeyore (despite this not being his first time), Peter Capaldi as Rabbit, Sophie Okonedo as Kanga, Sara Sheen as Roo, and Toby Jones as Owl 

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