Kiznaiver – Mini Review

Definitely a Trigger Show

kiznaiverLast week I discussed how I finally found a Trigger show that I really enjoyed in Space Patrol LulucoWhen I originally watched that series as it was airing I hadn’t gotten around to Kiznaiver yet and was pretty excited. Unfortunately, this was yet another Trigger show that didn’t do much for me.

The plot of this anime is about creating an ideal world where humanity perfectly understands each other and blah, blah, blah. How this is to be achieved is by doing this experiment with a group of 7 (technically) kids who are originally code named as the seven deadly sins. All of these kids are linked together so that they share each other’s pain. This eventually even includes emotional pain too.

Have I sold you on this one? Well that initial concept is pretty interesting but ultimately this ends up being a pretty boring melodrama. For those of you who are familiar with a show called Kokoro Connect, then you’ll know that Kiznaiver shares some similarities with some aspects of this prior title. I would just recommend Kokoro Connect over this, even without the final four OVA’s that would still be a better experience over this.

Furthermore, Kiznaiver feels like a bit of a rehash of older Gainax works but not in a good way. The ending is especially dull and derivative. I don’t want you guys to get the impression that I hated this show but I definitely didn’t love it. Parts of the show were fun and, as I mention, the initial concept is interesting. By the end, that just kind of gets abandoned and like many Trigger shows it just becomes so unfocused. I would say this isn’t as bad as Little Witch Academia but no where near the quality of say Kill la Kill.

The thing I probably liked the most about Kiznaiver is its opening theme, “LAY YOUR HANDS ON ME” by BOOM BOOM SATELLITES. You can actually listen to that song on Spotify but I’ll also link the video for that below here.

What did you think of Kiznaiver? Let me know in the comments bellow and if you agree with my alternate viewing recommendations. If you like the work I’m doing here than hit the button below to give me a couple bucks to keep at this. As always, thanks for reading and I hope to see you back here at Jon Spencer Reviews again soon!

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21 thoughts on “Kiznaiver – Mini Review

  1. Yeah, I definitely liked this show more for its soundtrack and aesthetically pleasing style than its story. Characters were alright, even if a little bland. But I totally agree with you there—if you only get one emotion-swapping teen melodrama, make Kokoro Connect the one!

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  2. I dropped this fairly early, and agree. I dropped this for similar reasons. When you say not as bad as little witch academia do you mean from a quality standpoint or a how focused the show is standpoint? I’m interested because I heard little witch was quite good and thought about watching it.

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  3. I’m with you in that I love the opening song, think the concept initially is really interesting, but the overall anime just isn’t all that great because the narrative kind of doesn’t go anywhere with its interesting concept and ends up being teen melodrama. While it isn’t horrible, it isn’t anywhere near as interesting as it could have been.

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  4. Quite honestly…? That plot really seems very interesting to me. But then again I do always trust your judgement, and the fact that I still have to watch a ton of anime anyway, I will at least for now, not add it to my to watch list 😊 As always though fun review (that blah, blah,blah totally cracked me up 😂😂).

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    1. I agree that it sounds really interesting on paper but it decides to give up on the core idea in favor of becoming about two characters in particular. Again, it’s not like this show is terrible, I just had a lot of issues with it that seem to be a running theme with Trigger shows.

      I included the blah, blah, blah part because the plot doesn’t really matter XD It’s a character drama and everything is just a means to an end here.

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  5. The idea that understanding other people would lead to a happy world is terribly naive…
    I gave this show a chance to justify its stance, but I felt this show was kinda boring for the most part. It wasn’t especially painful to watch, but I didn’t really enjoy it much either…
    In fact, I barely remember it outside of the OP, so maybe my perspective’s kinda useless.

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    1. It was pretty forgettable. I don’t mind the idea of an ideal where perfect understanding leads to a utopian society but the show totally abandons that plot to become solely about 2 characters in particular.

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      1. I believe the best way to deliver themes is through the use of a narrow scope. As a character guy it could have worked if done right…
        If the plot didn’t lose all credibility because the external conflict was dependent on the main characters. Characters should internalize the conflict, so why did they think it was a good idea for the conflict to externalize itself entirely in two characters? It really kills the societal appeal, if you know what I mean…

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