Magical Girl Site – Mini Review

Edgy, Uncomfortable, Yuri?

Image result for magical girl siteFor whatever reason it was really popular to beat up on fans of Magical Girl Site when it was airing in the Spring 2018 season. How could anybody enjoy watching a show where the main character is beaten, sexually assaulted, tortured, probably raped, and on the verge of suicide? I’d turn around and ask how anybody could enjoy Devilman:  Crybaby from just a season prior which everybody raved about. Even more ridiculous was the threats leveled against fans like myself of this series. However, that’s not what I want to focus this review on, because outside of the first episode, the series was hardly what its first impressions let on to be.

While it is true that Magical Girl Site was a darker take on the magical girl genre, something that is still wildly popular, its main focus is on the characters Aya and Tsuyuno. The whole show is about them helping each other, growing, and ultimately turning their prior misfortunes into their current happiness.

I don’t care what anybody says, this really felt like a Yuri show by the end. The two characters clearly are portrayed to have a romantic interest in each other and the big finale is centered on them vocalizing their commitment to each other. It was a surprisingly good turn for the series that I didn’t really see coming when I first started and the biggest reason why I liked it.

This isn’t to say that the show is the greatest or anything. The early episodes keep up the dark magical girl thing for awhile in a way that is just semi-interesting. Aya’s brother is really creepy, and a certain scene involving him and Aya’s blood, made me super uncomfortable. Suffers from too many characters too. Even the end, which was by far my favorite part, was far from perfect.

I audibly laughed at how corny one of the ending lines was even though it was supposed to be touching. The ending also leaves you hanging with that sequel bait. These are things that are probably going to bother other people. However, I thought that the main story of Aya and Tsuyuno was wrapped up well enough and that’s all that really mattered to me by the end. It was the only thing I really cared about with the rest of the plot being something I was only half-interested in.

Quick shoutout to the OP, especially when it changed in a later episode. The ending song was weird, and was even weirder when they did a different one after Nijimi was introduced. I liked those a lot for some reason though.

Would I recommend this? Sure, but a lot of people aren’t going to like it. The first episode does a lot to put folks off from the series, unless you are like me and really into human suffering stories, that’s going to be a giant hurdle. Ultimately, it is just an average show at best but I got a little more out of it than I probably should have. I’d watch more if it ever got a season two, but I probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much.

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24 thoughts on “Magical Girl Site – Mini Review

  1. Comparing Devilman Crybaby to this mess…
    If it’s the presence of sudden over the top edge, then yeah, I definitely agree. Devilman did it better, cus the art and animation for Magical Girl Site sucks at the most important parts…
    But the biggest difference between them is that the MC of Site is just so… infuriating? Grating? So terrible that I want to put my head through a wall? Whatever the word is aside, I don’t mean to say that Crybaby has a good protagonist, but the guy at least has desires before the series. A life.
    Aya is a terribly empty girl, and it’s annoying that everything comes to gravitate around her. When she falls in love with the first character to show her actual positive attention, it’s like, “WHAT A SURPRISE! WHAT A TOUCHING AND RELATABLE LOVE STORY!”
    I could accept it as a comedy, despite its efforts, because of that first episode. Like, rape? In the first episode? Okay then… And you want me to laugh at a girl ramming into a guys ass with a broom? Nope. Nope. Nope!

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    1. Ok, lot to unpack here. I’m not literally comparing Crybaby to this show in a 1:1. My only point there is people were threatening people and telling folks to kill themselves over Magical Girl Site but if you like other darker content, such as Crybaby (used as an example because it was very recent), it’s fine. It was just a dumb double standard. I’m not arguing one was better than the other or anything like that.

      The MC not being to your liking is just taste. I mean, that doesn’t really mean anything past what it means to you. I get what you are saying but coming from an informed place, albeit never to such extremes as her case, her character is reasonable. The love part is 100% realistic too. I’m not claiming that the love story is touching or even relatable either, I just liked that angle.

      I mean plenty of people watched this and took it as a comedy. That’s fine. I don’t really think anybody is expecting you to laugh at that sort of thing though, I mean, I wrote a whole article on how jokes of that nature is bad.

      Really though, I liked the show because it did things I like to watch. I thought people telling me to kill myself over that was bad. I’ve been in abusive situations, and can relate to this story too. Ultimately I liked the positive spin the show took despite all the awful things that happened where I normally don’t like when stories do that. The show is just average, and I’m not claiming anything else, so that’s really all I was getting at here.

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      1. Hey, with the devilman thing, I’m just trying to explain why people think it’s somehow above Site. I think Devilman is better, sure, but it’s still a boring show.
        “Her character is realistic”, given the extreme circumstances, it’s all that one can expect. Having a main character who acts just as one expects is just infuriating. If the main character had had any other reaction to her abuse, with any bit of nuance, the show might have been interesting on some level.
        It was not.
        And that is why I find the show extremely boring and below average. The ‘positive spin’ felt both unjustified and predictable to me. The execution sucked!

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        1. That’s fine. I mean, I get why people say that but people still shouldn’t threaten folks over Site and tell them to kill themselves. That’s my whole point.

          I don’t really think saying a character acting as expected is really a fair complaint. I’d be more upset if she just did random things. I mean, characters acting in accordance to what you know about them is a big part of writing a good character (not saying she is one, just that consistency in behavior matters a lot). I say she’s realistic in the sense that having been abused myself, and I can not stress this enough, her character makes sense. I don’t really know what nuance you want from her because she is in middle school, that’s pretty much exactly how I handled that sort of thing then. I mean, cool you didn’t find that interesting but it is a bit offensive to me to just write that bit off.

          Again, it’s fine that you didn’t like the show, a lot of folks didn’t. It definitely could, and should, have done a lot of stuff better but not everything needs to be perfect to enjoy it.

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          1. Okay, let’s get this out of the way. No one should ever say that stuff. People can enjoy stuff as long as it isn’t criminal, like snuff or something. It’s just an animu!
            But I like analyzing stuff critically, so if I have a problem with a show I’ll voice it!
            Consistency =/ predictability =/ interesting or thought provoking writing.
            Watching my brother get abused by his made me get really quiet around the fifth grade. Contemplated suicide and all that, so I’ve always had a personal interest in how series handle depressed characters. If I’m honest with you, I actually find it offensive that a character is rescued from isolation through a magical save the world plot and love. It’s far from unique in this problem, but shows like this only made me more depressed, cus I was always sitting there waiting-
            “When will someone notice how small and sad I feel? When will someone come fill up this emptiness I feel?”
            That’s why I have such a strong opinion on a show like this. They feed people’s feelings of victimization… because most teens dealing with depression would die long before finding an all-encompassing love! Instead of exploring solutions, other less derivative options, the angle of this show seems to imply otherwise- that the only real value to give meaning to life is romantic love.
            Just putting this out there for any kids who are as mixed up as I was- there’s way more to love about life than just love…
            So yeah. I think Site is boring and even somewhat destructive as a piece of culture. I don’t like the show, but people can like whatever they like. I won’t even ask anyone to see my perspective, cus I don’t want anyone to ever think about themselves like that. I just wish media would stop praising love as some panacea for all your personal problems, rather than actually working them out. Over valuing the idea of love can be it’s own problem! (My biggest problem with media today)

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            1. Ok, cool, we made progress here. I 100% agree with you on romanticizing the victim scenario and emphasizing romantic love. I am not in that kind of situation now, so for me, I just liked seeing the story goes this way. I would have liked the show less if only bad stuff happened, and then kept happening in this instance.

              I also agree that predictable content tends to be boring. I didn’t find this overly predictable but this is the kind of show I just kind of watched and didn’t want to critically analyze too much, hence the mini review and not my typical format (check out one of my ABC articles or something for a stark contrast).

              Any way, I think we are on the same page now. Good talk, I appreciate your comments 🙂

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  2. Apart from the sick stuff with the brother, I enjoyed the first few episodes of this show until the annoying loli idol showed up then it fell off a cliff in a big way for me. I mean, they even did a beach episode!! 😮

    Outside of that I enjoyed the spooky side of this and most of the show but they didn’t handle this in a way that satisfied me enough given the interesting concept behind it. :-/

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    1. Funny you say that, the idol girl is out lobe next episode… still im from the sounds of it, you probably wouldn’t have lived this one. Not for everybody so no biggie.

      I wish it handled some stuff a bit better and explored concepts more deeply but still managed to enjoy it.


  3. I didn’t mind Magical Girl Site that much, admittedly it is definitely not for everyone. I ended up dropping this one because my subscription to the service expired and I’d already decided not to renew that one so I lost access. I would one day like to finish watching it, not that I expect much, but just because I’d like to see how it progresses.

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    1. That makes sense. I mean, Amazon is spendy but I’m glad I kept it. I’m getting to watch Happy Sugar Life this season and they have a good backlog of some other stuff I wanted to watch but vanished from other streaming sites (like House M.D.). I think you’d probably feel the same way as me and Scott, pretty average but still fun despite that.

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      1. My issue is more that there just isn’t enough anime streaming on Amazon to make it worth the subscription and unlike Netflix, even after spending a couple of months looking through their non-anime catalogue, I found almost nothing I actually wanted to watch. It was a shared account and the person sharing it with me agreed that there was just not enough content available on the Australian service of interest so we ditched it. That means I am going to miss out on Amazon exclusive anime, but I’m kind of okay with that at the moment.

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        1. That’s totally fair, I mean, not being in the US is generally just a disadvantage when it comes to catalog anyway. I think that’s dumb but what can ya do?

          I also use Amazon for gift buying and stuff so the Prime is worth it there. If it were for JUST streaming, I’m with you, I’d drop it as well.

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          1. I just don’t think Amazon get’s Australia (which might be why their shop launch didn’t go so well). That and the ridiculous postal fees they add onto already overly priced stuff. I have yet to ever feel compelled to buy anything from Amazon.

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  4. I think there’s a difference between “omg, these people are turning into demons in grotesque ways and eating each other” that Devil Man Crybaby went for and the realistic horror that Site went for in it’s first episode.

    That being said, Magical Girl Site was definitely average. Had some wacky qualities that I couldn’t take seriously, but a fun ride all the same.

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    1. It’s not like I don’t disagree with that but it feels like a big double standard. My main point was that I’ve seen shows do far worse and many of them are lauded as classics. Just seemed like a dumb double standard, like a show isn’t allowed to make you uncomfortable by portraying real life scenarios.

      Can’t argue with that. Average but that didn’t take away from my enjoyment of it 🙂


      1. That’s true. Yeah, I see what you mean. I think a bunch of those are on my favorites circle thing. I mean, I wrote a post about these things recently.


  5. I endured one episode of Devilman Crybaby and did not return to it afterwards. I really thought it was just way too much over the top, and all the violence and sex in that was just too shock people. (But that’s just my opinion). Which is not to say that I always switch off these kind of shows. To be honest, I haven’t seen this, but your post for this did make me curious. I really do enjoy watching dark shows, and as you call them human suffering stories. So, I am adding this one to the list, even though in all likelyhood it will take me a while to get started on this. Great post! 😊

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    1. I didn’t even bother with Crybaby. I know it isn’t for me, even though in theory, it definitely is. Not sure if that makes sense lol. Any way, fair warning, this show does have that shock factor but the series also needed to get its point across quickly. In some ways this downplays some of the horrible stuff by making it somewhat comical but it did make a lot of folks uncomfortable. Just want to state that I’m not downplaying other people’s responses in that way here, but largely the hate for this series was overblown. If/when you get around to it I’d be curious as to what you thought about the show.

      Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by as you usually do 🙂 Always appreciate it!

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      1. Haha…Yeah in a way that does make some sense 😊 I don’t mind a shock factor if it is for the purpose of getting a point across. And in a good way you have really made me curious for this one. Sometimes things can really get blown way out of has happened to many things, so I usually don’t let myself be influenced by that, but judge it for myself 😊 I will let you know if I get around to it! 😀

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