‘Incredibles 2’ Film Review

Grade: A

Samuel L. Jackson, Holly Hunter, Craig T. Nelson, Brad Bird, and Huck Milner in Incredibles 2 (2018)

It has been (almost) fourteen years since ‘The Incredibles’ was released in theaters; I say “almost”, because the first film was released sometime in November, whereas, this sequel was released in June. However, since superhero movies have been the new “Summer Blockbuster”,  last month was a perfect way to ring in the summer. Let me just tell you that ‘Incredibles 2’ is a delight from start to finish. Not only does the animation look as clean and fresh as ever, but the film is pretty darn entertaining, both as a superhero movie, and as a family comedy!

‘Incredibles 2’ literally picks up where the first film ended as the Incredible family dons their suits to take on the Underminer (Voice of Pixar veteran John Ratzenberger), though that does not last long as an optimistic executive (Voice of Bob Odenkirk) and his sister (Voice of Catherine Keener) start to take notice of their actions (if you remember from the first ‘Incredibles’, superheroes were deemed illegal by the government.), and even invite Mr. Incredible (Voice of Craig T. Nelson), Elastigirl (Voice of Holly Hunter), and Frozone (Voice of Samuel L. Jackson) to their pad. Believing that there is hope for superheroes to be legal again, the executive, named Winston Deavor hires Elastigirl on missions to take down a super-villain known as Screenslaver, before the world gets hypnotized.

Meanwhile, at the mansion they are staying at, Mr. Incredible is given the duty to stay at home and babysit teenager Violet (Voice of Sarah Vowell), child Dash (Voice of Huck Milner), and baby Jack-Jack (Voice of Eli Fucile) as he goes through the trials of being a stay-at-home parent; tackling math problems, teenage drama, and baby stuff (with Jack-Jack showcasing his powers, leading to entertaining results) instead of beating down baddies.

‘Incredibles 2’ works on almost all levels; balancing an espionage action-thriller, and ‘Mr. Mom’ levels of comedy, as well as being a thought-provoking commentary on political and social issues the way a superhero movie can, making it a good time at the movies. 

3 thoughts on “‘Incredibles 2’ Film Review

  1. This is a fairly positive take on this movie. A lot of reviews I’ve read of it have been a bit more critical of it. Nice to know that it is still fun because the Incredibles was one of my favourite pixar films.

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