Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS Collaboration with Ayano & Lethargic Ramblings – The Epic Conclusion Episodes 11 & 12

Our Collaboration is Coming to a Close

It was a lot of fun and a ton of stuff happened throughout this wild WIXOSS collaboration adventure. Leth got married, I started and quit a job, and Ayano has been up to all sorts of new, interesting ideas over on her site. Not only that, but the show itself has been a pretty crazy ride! Today we’ll be looking at the last two episodes of Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS and what we all thought of them.

Episode 11

Jon:  Episode 11 was the first time the show didn’t really do much if you ask me. That isn’t to say it was bad, because it wasn’t, but it executed everything in the most straightforward fashion possible. No real twists or revelations, just a standard episode. This is likely because they are going to wrap everything up next week with episode 12. I’m hype for that and I think Conflated will stick the ending, but it is somewhat disappointing that episode 11 went the route of the most predictable and boring way possible (even if I still enjoyed it and was interested in it, if that makes sense).

Now, for those of you that saw the episode, you may be ready to say, “Um actually… there was that twist where-” and let me stop you right there. Most people don’t even know the rules of WIXOSS, but I do, so while this was a sort of twist to me, I can’t help but think that the impact of it was lost on the general viewer. Leth and I both preach that the rules of the game don’t really matter in this series as that isn’t what the show is about AT ALL, but every now and then it pulls out an actual rule to the card game with zero explanation as to why it should matter to most folks.

So, I thought that twist was cool and impactful but did you?

The pacing and storytelling is still really good. I’m having a blast watching the show. There was just something about this episode that was a little too formulaic and by the books. Either way, my questions are going to get answered next episode and I’m beyond excited for that. What will happen with the game, is it finally over? Is this truly the final season? What about all the people who disappeared from existence? I hope everything gets wrapped up nicely, unless of course, they tease another season!

Ayano:  Well we have finally made it to the home stretch. As Jon stated episode 11 was par for the course. I knew Suzuka would battle Carnival first and lose. That much was predictable since this arc was all about Kiyoi. Kiyoi’s battle with Carnival was a little lackluster for me. I wanted it to be drawn out a bit longer but with this season only getting 12 episodes the producers could only do so much. I thought how they ended Carnival was quite entertaining though. Making Carnival the rumored level 5 and then using Catharsis on her to beat her at her own game had me rolling over with glee. What goes around comes around baby!

Also was there any doubt that Ruu wouldn’t beat Layla? I’m gonna say…NOPE! Ruu is one of the best players in the game, Layla was going down for sure. Kiyoi and Ruu then battle but Ruu forfeits the game in order for Kiyoi to enter the room of white windows. Shame we didn’t get to see these two fight for real but the circumstances were understandable. The girls know they have to go back to where it all started….Mayu’s room. Crazy to think that the game came back full circle to where the first season took off from. I applaud the creators on this one!

Tama takes off in order to save Yuuki, while Kiyoi heads to the room of white windows with the key. Kiyoi enters the room and we see dozens of coins floating in the air. Holy crap! So many people’s memories are trapped in that room. I was quite shocked to see everyone’s memories locked away tight. The episode then ends with Kiyoi saying, “What is this place?” What is this place indeed?! This episode left on the perfect cliffhanger in preparation for the final episode.

Leth:  My feelings about this episode are also some what mixed. While it wasn’t a bad episode in the slightest, things just felt a little predictable, and there weren’t any real surprises this time around. It wasn’t at all shocking that Ruuko would defeat Layla because she’s freaking Ruuko. And of course Suzuko was going to battle Carnival and lose for Kiyoi to take the spotlight. Kiyoi has more or less been promoted to the status of main character since Conflated began, which I’ve honestly been fine with, so it’s only fitting that she and Carnival would battle one another.

That being said, I feel like the battle with Carnival ended a little quickly. That’s it? I understand that the season is only 12 episodes long, but I kind of wish they carried it on for just a little bit more given that this is Kiyoi’s big moment. But ah well.

It sounds like I wasn’t all that keen on this episode, but despite these complaints, it was still a very solid penultimate episode that was very entertaining. While the writing was a little predictable by WIXOSS standards, the events themselves were still as entertaining as ever and at the end of the day, that’s what matters the most. I can’t complain.

There’s still one episode left, and I’m very excited to see what will happen. How will things end? Will we get a happy ending? What about the characters who disappeared? (Aki-Lucky! T__T ) Will this be the final episode of the series? Will WIXOSS finally come to an end?

I’m looking forward to finding all this out, and more!

Episode 12

Ayano:  The battle to end all battles! Kiyoi tells Eternal she is here to end the Selector battles once and for all….but Eternal ain’t too happy about that. Eternal claims that the room is the place of beginnings and an ending cannot be allowed. Voices all around the room claim that they will not let the battles end. Black shadows then start making their way out of the walls and attach themselves to Kiyoi. Oh…so that’s how you wanna play eh? How dare you touch my precious Kiyoi-chan! The black shadows start to engulf Kiyoi into a place of darkness. Her heart becoming obsessed with the idea of battle. Luckily Kiyoi is drawn out of that darkness by the voice of Amika. This is when Kioyi challenges Eternal to a battle. Dun dun duuuun!

Eternal starts the battle with “grow” and becomes a higher level. She attacks and Kiyoi is put on defense. Kiyoi attacks back but Eternal defends and attacks immediately with clones. That’s a new trick! Kiyoi is pretty much getting her ass handed to her until Piruluk comes to the rescue! YAAASSS. Help a girl out Piruluk. The clones try attacking again but this time we get Yuzuki and her burning attack. Go baby, go! Out pops Dona and they girls hold the clones back from attacking Kiyoi. THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!

Cut to Tama finding Yuuki. Yuuki then tells Tama that it is their choice to either stay in the room of white windows or to leave it. They have always had this option ever since the first time they came there. Tama and Yuuki merge once more and Tama is expelled from the wall. Yuuki then tells Tama that the door is somewhere else. She says it is nowhere right now….huh? I find that sentiment rather odd buuut okay. Ruu, Hitoe, and Hana all make their way to Mayu’s old house and enter her room. Season 1 is that you I see? XD

Eternal confronts Kiyoi about wanting the battles to end. Eternal asks Kiyoi, “Why? Why would you end it? What waits for you when it’s over?” Kiyoi responds with, “Everyone gets their memories back and returns to their old lives. That’s all.” Eternal then counters with, “Why do you seek memories? Memories make people suffer. You’re no different.” In a way Kiyoi isn’t that different. Just like Ruu, Kiyoi always had a certain desire for battle, but at this point Kiyoi claims she needs to take back her memories and herself. It is her choice whether she wants to live with her unpleasant painful memories. That is the beauty of choice and free-will.

Just as the other LRIG’s make an appearance in the battle between Eternal and Kiyoi, Carnival, Layla and Remember are back in action as well. NOW IT’S A REAL FIGHT! Aya, Guzuko, Anonymous, and Milulun are also thrown into the mix but this time they decided to fight on Kiyoi’s side. Hahaha! I always knew you had it in you guys. Eternal throws Kiyoi into the Fractal Cage and claims she isn’t strong enough to change the will of the game. Grrrr…Eternal is highly under estimating our girl!

Ruu, Hitoe, and Hana search Mayu’s room for the real door. As Yuuki talks to Tama about the real door we see brief moments from previous seasons about Mayu and her last words. “Take flight to the real sky…” While Mayu might have disappeared Shiro and Kuro remained, along with the room of white windows. Just as Tama and Yuuki continue to exist, so does the room of white windows…but Shiro and Kuro are no longer. They became Tama and Yuuki, and it is their decision to not be a keyhole but a key. Damn…that’s deep!

Ruu eventually finds the real door beneath an old drawing left in Mayu’s room. Ruu touches the painting claiming that if Mayu only painted a door she could have gone outside with everyone. That said door glows and opens up letting Tama leave the room of white windows. Kiyoi endures more attacks from Eternal before finally choosing to grow. Enter Kiyoi’s FINAL FORM. Whoa nelly! She’s so pretty, and beautiful, and elegant! Love, love, love. Kiyoi uses Peeping Analyze on Eternal. AND THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS! The move that bears all truth. Kiyoi sees Eternals truth and eventually she fades away into nothingness. The clones disappear one by one, Piruluk and Kiyoi join hands and they end the battle with Catharsis. Annnddd just like that the battles are over and everyone’s memories return to their rightful owners through the real door Ruu found in Mayu’s room! Happy happy joy joy!!! I knew they could do it.

It was sad to see all the LRIG’s leaving, but we knew they would go back into the real world at some point. Also! That last punch Layla got in on Carnival was the bain of my existence! Bahahaha…your girl Layla finally stepped up. Before the room is completely dismantled Kiyoi has a brief moment of recognition and we hear her say, “Sakaguchi.” AAAHHHH! SHE REMEMBERED GUYS! KIYOI FINALLY REMEMBERED HER FRIEND!!! I’m so happy!!! Everyone gets their memories back and we see some long lost faces as well as some new ones make an appearance in the last few minutes of the episode. While everything isn’t back to how it was, it’s the start of a new beginning for everyone who was involved in these battles. The ending was beautifully done! A huge round of applause from me. This season wrapped up everything quite nicely. I would definitely recommend this anime to anyone. I’ll be rating this anime, along with all the others from spring season on my personal blog so make sure you tune in for that 😉

Leth:  And that’s a wrap folks! The final episode of Conflated was an absolute blast that culminated in one of the best, most action-packed and emotionally satisfying episodes I’ve seen from, not just the franchise, but Anime as a whole.

That may seem like a bold statement to make, but this is honestly everything I could have ever wanted from the grand finale of one of my favourite franchises, and if this is to really be the final episode of the entire series, I’m more than satisfied with how things turned out.

Kiyoi gets the final battle, which is only fitting since, as I said during my thoughts on Episode 11, she’s been propped up as the star of Conflated, and she fulfilled her role fantastically, by winning a final battle that was truly satisfying. I honestly loved how Kiyoi used Peeping Analyze to win the battle. It felt so fitting and true to her character, since it all goes back to when she was first introduced as an LRIG in Selector. I’m probably fanboying a little too much over that little detail, but it honestly made me lose my mind.

And of course, things ended on the best note possible, with everyone getting their memories back and all of the previously erased characters popping back into existence (AKI-LUCKY! ❤ ). It’s nice to see that after so much pain, torment and despair, that things have finally come to a happy end and everything is as it should be: normal.

WIXOSS is honestly one of my all-time favourite Anime franchises, and while I’m a little upset that this may be the final season it ever gets I’m also very satisfied with this finale if it’s to be the ending to the series. Very few Anime franchises have managed to be as consistently well done as WIXOSS has been for its entire run, especially after four seasons. And I’m honestly just so glad that it’s continued to be such a strong series all the way to the finale.

If for whatever reason you’ve been reading these reviews and haven’t decided to give WIXOSS a try, I strongly recommend doing so. It’s one of the greatest Anime franchises to come out recent years in my opinion, and it offers a very unique and fresh take on the card game genre while still being an entertaining story in its own right.

If you’re curious on some more of my thoughts regarding Conflated, I’ll be releasing a post with my Top 5 Anime of the Spring 2018 Season, and Conflated will most definitely be given a spot somewhere on that list.

Jon:  I think these two really encapsulated my full thoughts on the episode. While I also intend to release a retrospective of the series and full review of this season later next week for WIXOSS, let me offer a few of my thoughts on this episode. First of all, the conclusion was excellent. If this were all we were to get for this series, I would be more than satisfied. Everything was wrapped up and was exactly what I was looking for from the WIXOSS franchise. That said, it isn’t like the story couldn’t continue from here, and this wouldn’t be the first time that it did that either. Time will tell I suppose.

I agree fully with Leth that it was very fitting for the finale to be brought on with Kyio using, “Peeping Analyze” to win the battle. This paralleled really well with a previous episode where she explained how she used that move to rewrite her friend’s wish. Good storytelling right there.

Again going with Leth, it was nice that Aki got to come back and that the ill effects (aside from that one girl who killed herself, pretty sure she is still dead) of both games got reversed. People can finally move on and hopefully have learned something from this whole ordeal.

As an episode, I wouldn’t call this one stellar. However, as a conclusion for a now 4 season long show, it was well worth the watch. Echoing my comrades, if you haven’t watched this series yet and what we’ve discussed in the previous articles stuck out to you as interesting, then this is one you’ll want to give a watch!

Thank you so much for joining us on this magical journey. This was my very first Collab ever and I want to give a big thanks to Leth and Ayano for doing it with me. It was so much fun and I hope we can do something like this again. Next time will definitely run more smoothly I’m sure! Below you’ll find a link to all the episode reviews we’ve done for this season as well as links to both Leth’s and Ayano’s blogs and Twitters. Please be sure to give them a follow and tell them how awesome they were for doing this!

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