Caligula – Mini Review

Great Music, Ok Anime

Image result for caligula animeYou may recall a show that aired not too long ago, 18if which explored dreams and did that cool different director each episode thing, but wasn’t all that great in the end. Caligula is definitely one of those shows. While I enjoyed both, this one more than 18if, I felt more cheated after this one. The reason? Caligula has great music and a nice sense of style (at least when it wants to).

The first half of the anime is totally fine. Protagonist Ritsu is living an ordinary high school life until he realizes something isn’t quite right. Soon after this realization famed vocalist µ appears and begins to sing, turning (most of) his classmates into monsters that begin to pursue him. He then learns that he is trapped in the world of Mobius, a dream world of µ‘s creation, so that everyone can be happy.

Ok, the plot sounds dumb on paper, and it kind of is, but it was actually pretty compelling for me. Not only that, but it had one of my most FAVORITE THINGS EVER in it:  Idol singing and battles at the same time. A quick nod to Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE for sparking this before unrealized enjoyment in me. Boy, does the music deliver!

Borrowing this from Ace (check him out); listen to my anime here. It’s fantastic!

Featured in episode six (which unfortunately is the height of the series), “Tir na nOg” is my favorite song. I really love the anime specific version as voice actress Reina Ueda’s performance is top tier stuff. Not just in this episode either, µ‘s character is the reason to watch this show in general.

The other song that stuck out to me the song µ uses most often, “Peterpan Syndrome.” While not as heartfelt as the previous one I can’t help but get caught up in the music for this song as well. Really though, all of the songs are beyond good, but I don’t want to just give you hours of music, so we’ll call it with these two.

While you certainly won’t be impressed by the plot or characters in Caligula the music did make this worthwhile for me. If you are looking with some general action flair with occasionally interesting ideas and great music than I encourage you to give this one a watch, or at least the first six episodes (really, show was pretty on-point up to there). For an anime based on a game that shot for the stars and fell flat, I can say the anime did better at least.

Did you watch Caligula? Enjoy the music? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below! If you like the work I’m doing here and want to throw a little support my way than please head on over to my Ko-fi page with the button below. As always, thanks for reading and I hope to see you back here again at Jon Spencer Reviews soon!

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6 thoughts on “Caligula – Mini Review

  1. I really enjoyed Caligula, as much for what it tried to do as for what it actually accomplished. But I really think you hit the nail on the head with your praise for the music. And episode 6? The point about 17 minutes in when a distraught µ descends, and the song she sings afterward before Ritsu unleashes his Catharsis Effect, just blew me away. The music, the voice acting, the animation — everything just came together. Even if the show stumbled from the perspective of narrative, those moments will remain with me for a long time. Thanks for calling them out!

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    1. LYup, the original game had similar problems. A remake that fixed a lot of odors is coming to the US because apparently the anime and it both food well. Kind of excited for that. Either way, more great music! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂


    1. Like I said, the first half is worthwhile and it wasn’t like the show was terrible. Caligula was just an fairly average show, which is disappointing because it has this great soundtrack and some interesting ideas :/

      That said, to seek out the soundtrack is actually fairly difficult because it just released in Japan like a few days ago. The songs I featured here on the most popular ones so that’s the only reason I even could feature them. I recommend all the music though for sure.

      Thanks for stopping by and for the comment too! 😀

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  2. I have missed out on a lot of the animes from the past season, and with the new season looming on the horizon, in all likelyhood I won’t be able to watch it all anymore. I did listen to the first clip in this post though…and that sent goosebumps right up my arms. Terrific and powerful voice…wow! Maybe on my weeks off which I hope to have in september/october , I can find some time to maybe catch up on a few shows that I missed. As always: great post😀

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the music! I totally feel you on the time thing, there was way too much that came out this season. I don’t even know this was from this season at first lol, ghosts how much there was! Thanks for another wonderful comment 🙂

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