Another Update – My New(ish) Job & What That Means for the Site Pt. 2

Better Late Than Never…

Sorry I have been so inactive both on WordPress and Twitter. I try to check in but most of my free time is spent doing paperwork for the government or sleeping now… When I’m not doing that I’ve been at work. It’s almost been a full month there now! Can you believe it? Pretty crazy to think if you ask me.

Any way, I just wanted to check in with you guys like I said I would in my last post on this subject (even it is just a tad bit late on my part). With that, let’s start off by talking about the job so far.

The Job so Far

I’m heading into my fourth week at Assurant and I have to say that everybody there is so nice and supportive. My first two weeks were spent in a computer lab learning the systems we use, practicing some phone scripting, and learning various legal procedures we have to follow. The best part of the first two weeks of the training was that it was really easy and we got paid for it too! We even got a bonus since part of our training is on the weekend!

This last week the training shifted to being a lot more intense. Where I had taken a few calls during the first two weeks, this third week was almost all calls for the full 8 hour shift. This is closer to what the job is actually going to be like. At one point in time I had an anxiety attack brought on by the phone volume and background noise in the office which was really unfun. I wanted to quit after that but I came back and did my best.

From there I found that I was getting more and more tired each day as the third week progressed as we spent more and more time on the phones. I have some serious doubts about working here long term. I reached out to my job developer and government job lady but was first met with a lot of complaining and, “suck it up” type responses. Still, I talked to my supervisor about my concerns.

He said that this can be normal for some people and encouraged me. I also explained that I have to decide fairly quickly if this is a, “forever” job for me which has been added pressure. Eventually my job developer got on board with my concerns since I explained that even if the job had a million wonderful things about it, I was concerned about my health because I was continually exhausted. I was sleeping over 12 hours a day sometimes. Not only that, but I had almost zero apatite all of the time. This all started after a week or so into the job, so it felt job related.

We came up with a plan and my supervisor granted me some special accommodations for the third week. Basically, I am allowed to take extra paid breaks between calls (just a minute or two to get water or sit in the quiet room) but once I leave the training period that accommodation goes away. I don’t use it much but on days where I’m particularly exhausted I do use it for the first few hours off and on. From there, we decided that I’d try and stick out the full first month and if no improvement on the health front was made that I would quit.

The justification to this is to see if it is just my brain and body trying to process all of this new information and acclimate to being on the phone so much (a task that is an, “always on” type job for me. Meaning I get really drained doing it). Some of you may recall I have a disability and some medical conditions attached to that so this is a serious concern for me. Everybody believes I can do the job, myself included, but nobody wants me to pay a huge price just to please everyone either.

My thoughts after this third week is things did improve up until Sunday where I was hit pretty hard with exhaustion and really still haven’t shook it even today (Monday evening) as I’m witting this. Next week is going to only be more challenging and that has me worried. My prediction is that I will likely quit but at the same time I absolutely don’t want to do that. I’m pretty torn about it.

A big reason for this is because I’m the highest performing member in our training course. I have consistently gotten the second highest mark possible on every call they have reviewed for me. Not only that, my supervisor is contesting one of those marks to get me a perfect instead. Our group in general is very high performing (some people who started with low marks have even gotten a perfect already. Those are beyond rare I’m told) so that speaks to how well we’ve been trained and the level of encouragement we are getting. They even gave some of us special rewards for exceeding performance expectations!

TL;DR the job is great but my health isn’t. I think it is job related and if I don’t see improvement I’ll end up quitting. I enjoy the job, love the people, pay + perks are great, but it isn’t worth working myself to death. So we shall see how week four goes and I’ll keep you all posted best I can on Twitter. I’ll also try and write another update either way as well.

Site Expectations

I just can’t do both right now. Still focusing on trying to make the job work. I have the WIXOSS collab going but honestly that is even a little too much. Expect some stuff from Jacob when he can but otherwise I’ll be pretty quite for at least another week or two. I really apologize about that but it is just how things need to be for me right now.

That’s About it

With that I’ll wish you all a wonderful day. For those concerned about my health, please don’t be too worried either. I plan to see a Dr. ASAP if things don’t improve for me. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to reach out to me. You can do so by commenting below, hitting me up on Twitter, or emailing me at

Have a great day!


9 thoughts on “Another Update – My New(ish) Job & What That Means for the Site Pt. 2

    1. Thank you 🙂 I still have some health concerns that I’m going to be speaking to my supervisor today. This, “weekend” (my days off) my family and friends expressed concern for me so I’m very certain it is not just me…

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    1. Thanks MIB. I know I haven’t been very good about reading lately :/ I will be getting back into that hopefully. Most nights I come home and just plop asleep because I can barely focus on anything. I really do apologize about that but my goal is to be reading more very soon.

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  1. Having just come back from my two month abscence all I can say is there is nothing to apologise for. I really hope that the job situation (and even more importantly your health) will improve the coming weeks. In the meantime you take care, and don’t worry about the blog. It will still be here when you get back: and guess what: so will we 😊😊

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