‘Deadpool 2’ Film Review

Grade: A

Brad Pitt, Josh Brolin, Ryan Reynolds, Terry Crews, Bill Skarsgård, Leslie Uggams, Morena Baccarin, Lewis Tan, Stefan Kapicic, Rob Delaney, Shioli Kutsuna, Karan Soni, Julian Dennison, Zazie Beetz, and Brianna Hildebrand in Deadpool 2 (2018)

I have never had so much fun watching ‘Deadpool 2’. What the first feature lacked, David Leitch’s sequel gains — in terms of fast-paced, non-stop action, and jokes that actually hit me. In case you did not know already, I thought the first ‘Deadpool’ was okay. I was expecting it to be a great superhero movie, but its uneven structure really bothered me; of course, that may have been its intention, and it actually proved to be more enjoyable on its second viewing. I just really loved ‘Deadpool 2’. Not a dull moment flew past me as I sat through explosions, profanity, gore, and fourth-wall breaks. The character of Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) is a gift from Marvel heaven, though he has yet to make his appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (The Disney/Fox merger happened in 2017). We might as well enjoy these cinematic offerings while they are hot, naughty, and R-rated.

For those who were not aware of the character of Deadpool before this sequel happened (And why would you?), he is the most unconventional anti-hero that has ever existed. While he shares the healing factor that Wolverine has, he manages to regenerate his body after gruesome maulings like they never even happened; he even talks to the audience and is self-aware. Though I cannot say that I am an avid comic book reader, I find Deadpool to be interesting for who he is; a character with a sick sense of humor and ability to make pop culture references as they are going out of style. As someone who is interested in that sort of thing, I can relate to Deadpool; not in a violent, macabre sort of way, but as someone who can fully embrace his wackiness.

There is no one that can fully portray the character of Deadpool/Wade Wilson quite like Reynolds, who shines in each scene he is in. Since the movie revolves around him, he is in the majority of it. In ‘Deadpool 2’, a time-travelling cyborg named Cable (Josh Brolin) returns from the future to kill a mutant child named Firefist (Julian Dennison) before he causes ruin and chaos. While Wade wants to keep the kid safe, and believes that he (Firefist) can be a better person under the right circumstances. This causes him and his bartender friend, Weasel (T. J. Miller) to recruit super people, including the always-lucky Domino (Zazie Beets), to stop Cable before it is too late.

‘Deadpool 2’ is filled with the most thrilling action I have ever seen in a superhero movie. Almost every moment is amazing as we watch Deadpool hack and slash through the criminals of the world, all while picking fights and calling people out on their quirks. It is really hard not to love this character for the way he presents himself; a lunatic who enjoys what he does, even if it breaks the norms of what it means to be a super hero. Colossus (voice of Stefan Kapicic) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) return to help Deadpool in a few scenes, but only when the action (or plot) calls for it.

While there is a lot of humor and gore throughout ‘Deadpool 2’, there is also a bit of a dramatic heft to the character as we see him go through an unexpected occurrence in his life – which leads to a very funny opening credits sequence. Some people will feel let down with this path, but I do not think it derails the movie as a whole. It is still as fun and enjoyable as a movie featuring the “Merc with a Mouth” could be.



One thought on “‘Deadpool 2’ Film Review

  1. I’m the opposite. Loved the first movie and thought this one was just okay. For me the movie started slow, but picked up once X-Force showed up.

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