The Lost Village – Mini Review

It’s a Comedy

0c7a446d4b906b325acf65f78cbe4bd41459543054_fullHow do I put this? Mayoigia, or The Lost Village in English, was a stupid show. It was a stupid show that I couldn’t stop watching. This series was strangely fun for my friends and I. Even on the rewatch, it was still a great time. I’ll be the first to admit that the writing wasn’t that great and there was a lot of dumb, everything, but The Lost Village managed to make me smile and laugh for a good chunk of its run.

There are a few reasons this show caught my attention, the first being the mystery aspect of the show. As my readers should know, I’m a huge fan of the mystery genre so it should come to no surprise that I wanted to check this out. While the mystery definitely loses its magic towards the end of the series, the initial episodes did an excellent job at capturing my interest in the series.

Although it is semi-concealed in the beginning, the show is most obviously NOT a horror anime. The direction, presentation, and dialog all suggest that this is a show that presents everything as seriously as possible despite the things on screen being more than a little ridiculous.

Despite this, the mystery still manages to stay intact up until the end where everything is given up rather quickly. The Lost Village also loses its proverbial mind and just becomes a hilarious mess. There is a lot of charm in it that fans of Another will definitely appreciate, even if this show isn’t as obvious (or good) as that one.

Another big aspect in the show’s favor was the 1980’s ‘Paranoia’ RPG vibe this show gave off. They are constantly at each other’s throats over the dumbest things. One character is constantly yelling “we should execute them!” which is never suspicious. However, if somebody so much as sneezes that’s grounds for massive suspicion.

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The characters are all nuts. Easy example is the, “execute” lady. I loved that all of them had very goofy handles that they all went by, even when they all meet up IRL. They all want to abandon their old life for some reason or another, but most of the reasons are so dumb.

When you finally start seeing some monsters, it only adds to this fact. The designs for the monsters were genuinely creepy, especially since a lot of the other designs are pretty pedestrian and uninteresting. Nothing scary mind you but this managed to impress me somewhat, even if not every monster was all that great.

Overall, The Lost Village didn’t take itself too seriously and was fairly funny. I know a lot of people didn’t like this one but I would recommend people check it out if they haven’t already. At worst it’ll make for some decent laughs. For me, it was a pretty good time.

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12 thoughts on “The Lost Village – Mini Review

  1. Sounds a bit like King’s Game. In theory that show was meant to be a horror, but the few people who enjoyed it just liked laughing at how stupid it got.Lost Village is on Crunchyroll, I believe, so I might give it a chance one of these days.

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  2. yeah, this sh*t is a comedy, alright. xD
    but I do think the show took itself seriously, and it just came off as outstandingly retarded. that’s just my opinion though. I’d recommend the soundtrack, lol, but not the anime. haha

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    1. Like I said, the staff on this really screams, “this was a big joke” to me because of past works but since there aren’t any interviews or anything confirming that (at least, that I’m aware of) I can see why people might be skeptical.

      I’d obviously recommend both XD


  3. I never quite got to finding this funny. It seemed like it couldn’t tell whether it wanted to be satire or actually suspenseful and it sat awkwardly between the two states.

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    1. I can see how it could be that way. For me, it was really awkward to rate after the first watch because I knew it was supposed to be funny but I took it seriously for a good chunk of the first watch.

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