‘Tully’ Film Review

Grade: A

Tully (2018)

‘Tully’ is just about as honest a movie about motherhood as it is going to be. It shows the trials as well as the tribulations of what it is like to be a mother to multiple children. No other actress shows the anger and frustration as much as Charlize Theron, who shines in this movie. If this is an early attempt at another Oscar nomination, then it is well deserved. I loved almost everything about ‘Tully’ and what it brought to the screen. I was expecting a great movie from director Jason Reitman and writer Diablo Cody; I can gladly say that I was not disappointed.

Cody and Reitman love to bring humanity in simple situations; whether it would be a snarky teenage girl faced with a pregnancy in ‘Juno’, or a novelist going through a mid-life crisis in ‘Young Adult’, Reitman and Cody are a perfect team. Though, I may not have seen ‘Young Adult’, I remember ‘Juno’; a funny, whip-smart, look at high school. ‘Tully’ is just as snarky as it is full of heart, even when characters reach their low points.

Theron plays Marlo – a mother to two children (with a third one on the way) and wife of Drew (Ron Livingston). Through all the stresses of trying to balance her young son, Jonah’s (Asher Miles Fallica) autism, and her daughter Sarah’s (Lia Frankland) up-and-coming attitude, Marlo’s brother, Craig (Mark Duplass) suggests that she use the services of a night nanny to take care of her upcoming newborn, so she can have time to unwind. Though hesitant at first, she ends up contacting a night nanny due to her hands being full with the new baby. In comes Tully (Mackenzie Davis), an eccentric and quirky young woman who helps take care of Marlo’s new baby, only for them to share a bond.

Besides being an insight on motherhood, ‘Tully’ is also sweet and lovable. I think more people need to see this movie. It may not be breaking out into the mainstream world as well as it should, but once it gets viewed, it will creep into your heart.


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