‘The Titan’ Film Review

Grade: B

Sam Worthington and Taylor Schilling in The Titan (2018)

I checked out ‘The Titan’ not too long ago. Although science-fiction is not nearly my interest (especially content that looks released for DVD), I found it to be as engaging and endearing way more than I expected it to be. Netflix has been making great content lately, and the popular streaming site shows no sign of stopping. Every month, there is always a new show, or movie released with the hope that viewers will tune in. While I do not see many audiences watching ‘The Titan’, those who are into science-fiction or want to think will find themselves immersed.

‘The Titan’ has elements of James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ (even Sam Worthington is the lead in this) and David Cronenberg’s  1986 remake of ‘The Fly’. It is just about as much of an alien movie, and journey to another planet, as it is a monster movie. A lot of it will catch audiences by surprise, so I do not want to give too much away.  Worthington plays Lt. Rick Janssen, who is set to become part of a science experiment conducted by Professor Martin Collingwood (Tom Wilkinson), wherein he and many other willing participants are exposed to extreme conditions to see how well they fare on a new planet called “Titan” (That, in itself, sounds familiar). Unfortunately, with each exposure, Rick finds himself affected in the worst way possible. This causes a concern in his wife, Abi (Taylor Schilling, who you may know from ‘Orange is the New Black’), who fears that her husband’s transformation will cause death to her and/or their son (Noah Jupe). What follows is a thrilling race against time.

‘The Titan’ has received criticism, which I completely understand. It seems that science-fiction films that look to be discarded in the five dollar bargain bin at Wal-Mart get flak for not having effort. I see the ambition that director Lennart Ruff put in this piece of work. The result is quite chilling and intense.

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