Too Much Content! – In Case You Missed it April Posts & Reflecting on the 30 Day Anime Challenge

How Are You Today?

I hope you are doing well! As you may have noticed, I posted a LOT in April, and as such, you may have missed some of the awesome things that were posted by both Jacob and myself. Here’s a quick catch-me-up of all the content released in April here at Jon Spencer Reviews and a brief reflection on the 30 Day Anime Challenge I did.

The Challenge

This was my very first time doing a challenge like this and it was a lot of fun! You can read about what the 30 day anime challenge is and see all thirty posts by following this [link] here. The challenge also marked the very first time I posted daily for a month. Additionally, I scheduled it all in advance which is not typical of me.

I liked having the posts scheduled in advance and at least part of May will be like this. I got busy so the post writing slowed down for me a lot. Still, I managed about half of May before April ended with enough planned content to get through June (just need to write it). The big thing I disliked about the challenge was that it meant there was a lot of double or triple posting throughout the month which makes something like this really necessary. Hey, more content for you guys though!

Everything Else Jon Posted

Everything Jacob Posted

That’s everything we posted folks! Be sure to check out the stuff you missed and I look forward to resuming our normal MWF posting schedule. Friday is another bigger review I spent a lot of time on so I hope you’ll enjoy it. I also will be making some slight adjustments to how posts work week-to-week, the first of which you’ll see next week. Until then though, that’ll just have to be a surprise 😉

If you’d like to support the site and help me upgrade to a premium account here that would be awesome! Head on over to Ko-fi and buy me a coffee or two, every bit helps and there is even a nifty goal tracker to show you how close we are to the goal! As always, thanks for reading!

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