The 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 30 – An Anime I Wish Never Ended

Can You Believe it? This is the Final Post!

30-day-anime-challengeWe’ve reached the final day of the 30 day challenge. Can you believe how quickly these posts went by? Today I’ll be talking about an anime I wished never ended. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

There are actually a couple of anime I wished kept going. The first of which is K-On! because the manga keeps going but the anime doesn’t. I would have loved to see the girls of the Light Music Club in college and how Azusa’s last year of high school went. As I mentioned, the manga continues but the K-On! manga is actually terrible. Another time where I wanted to read the manga but…

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Another group of anime I would consider for this entry I have mentioned in a previous article titled, “Barakamon, Sweetness & Lightning, and Usagi Drop – What’s the Appeal?” where I cover the three shows mentioned. All of those titles I would have happily watched for far longer, especially Usagi Drop. With that one in particular, the manga is a NO GO!

Image result for usagi drop

That’s a lot of slice of life stuff. How about something that isn’t just SoL? That honor would go to School-Live! which I mentioned earlier in this challenge even. I would love to see what happens after the ending. At the time of its releases, the manga wasn’t very far ahead of the anime but now the manga is quite a bit further in. I haven’t been able to read it but I have been following the general story and man I really want to see what happens.

I could list off a ton more anime that I’d love if they had kept going but then we’d be here all day so I’m going to leave it at that! This brings us to the end of the challenge. What anime do you wish went on forever (or just longer) and do you wish I could keep doing daily posts like this forever too? Let me know in the comments below. If you like the work I’m doing here and want to support me, head on over to my Ko-fi page by clicking the button below. As always, thanks for reading!

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15 thoughts on “The 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 30 – An Anime I Wish Never Ended

  1. Silver Spoon’s anime ended way too early. Now that the manga is done, I wish we could see the anime brought up to the end of the story.

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  2. There are too many needs-a-second-season (if not second then X-th season and plus plus) shows out there. 🙂
    Whilst they create a yearning for a continuation, they still provide a decent closure which leaves a contradictory emptiness that somehow feels… fulfilling…

    so… … Is this a hint at a never-ending anime challenge? *wink wink* 🙂

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    1. It really depends for me. Some shows that don’t get a continuation finish up fine but often (or it seems at least) this isn’t the case. I want a mostly complete product that doesn’t force me to read the manga for closure.

      Well May will be normal schedule at the very least but if you guys really like the daily posting I have ideas 😉

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          1. Certainly. What was in that little OVA was amazing and it has one of the few dubs that I think is miles better/funnier (for the right reasons) than the original Japanese version which is something I can rarely say about anime. It was based on a manga which I heard went a lot further than that series, so I could picture a remake being 12 episodes long could suffice.

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              1. Of course. I’d geek out so much if Production I. G. had a second go at that anime. Come on, it’s a fusion of business satire while simultaneously parodying Power Rangers/Super Sentai. How can anyone not see the humor in it?

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