The 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 28 – Favorite Quote From an Anime Character

Get Wrecked!

30-day-anime-challengeThe schedule is provided as always. Just a few more days left! Today I’ll be sharing my favorite quote from an anime character. I bet this one will be kind of obvious once you see it, but I really love this quote!

That’s right folks, good ol’ No-Sense from Coppelion is who I’m choosing to feature today. The loveable robot said some pretty great stuff during the show but this savagery is by far my favorite. Here it is:

Miss Aoi, from a biological perspective you are a full-fledged adult, and as an adult, you must get your act together. -No-Sense

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Look at that smug face

The whole show Aoi mopes about being pretty useless so that line always cracks me up. Of course, No-Sense said some more meaningful things in the show but that’s the one I’m pickin’ for today’s entry.


What is your favorite quote from an anime character? I’m sure you all have more serious ones than I did! Let me know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this article please consider heading over to my Ko-fi page and buying me a coffee. The support is greatly appreciated. Join me tomorrow where I’ll discuss an anime I wish were real! As always, thanks for reading!

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11 thoughts on “The 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 28 – Favorite Quote From an Anime Character

  1. That sounds like a funny and brutal quote. I haven’t seen that anime. Here are some funny quotes or at least the ones with some kind of levity with some various anime I can think of:

    “If you ask me, she’s one OVA short of a series.” -Shinesman Sepia (Shinesman)

    “If you’re joking, that’s cruel. If you’re sarcastic, then that’s even worse.” -Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz)

    “We did it…Who says girls can’t kick ass?!” -Reiko (Sailor Victory)

    “They may have beaten us this time, but next time…We’ll BE BETTER PREPARED!” -Diamond smugglers (Kimba the White Lion [Do I even need to explain why this quote is hilarious to me?])

    “I think I hit my goldfish.” -Loran Cehack (Turn A Gundam)

    “You don’t want the carrot ghost to get you…” -Reki (Haibane Renmei)

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          1. Cool. Here’s a few I can think of for serious quotes.

            “I remember wanting to become a stone. A stone that doesn’t feel pain. Or sorrow.” -Reki (Haibane Renmei)

            “I’ve wanted to get revenge on them [the hunters lead by Viper], but I couldn’t do that. You see, my father [who was murdered] made sure that there would be peace in the jungle. If I get revenge on them, then they’d get revenge on me, and there would be no peace.” -Kimba the White Lion

            “Being in a city of over 30 million people [Tokyo], I didn’t want to talk with anyone.” -Hiroki (The Place Promised In Our Early Days)

            “I’m nothing but nice? That’s all people say when they don’t have anything else to say.” -Haruka (Sound! Euphonium)

            “Why do fireflies have to die so soon?” -Setsuko (Grave of the Fireflies)

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