The 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 24 – The Most Shocking Moment in Anime

Kuma Shock!

30-day-anime-challengeIt actually isn’t about Yurikuma but I could not resist that. Any way, here’s the schedule real fast. Today’s entry is about a moment that left me shook after witnessing it. I have to warn you, it’s going to be pretty surprising and maybe even just a little bit weird. Strap in and see just what could have given me such a shock!

Some of you may have remembered the horrific anime that released just a few seasons ago. I did a sort of silly review of it after it was done airing titled, “King’s Game & the 7 Stages of Grief” which was a fun piece to write. The anime I enjoyed but man was it not good. Today’s moment comes from this show and it is so weird.


Picture this:  You and a group of other people who are your classmates are trapped in a death game. You’ve gathered at a local park in broad daylight to determine who will die next. Tensions are high as people must break their fingers in order to give or take away points from the various players. Nobody really wants to do this but they don’t have much of a choice. One group has banded together on the side of hope to game the system while another camp is trying to turn everyone against each other (except for her of course). What will happen?

Alright, take your guess as to what happens next. Will it be:

  1. Everybody works together to prevent an unnecessary death.
  2. They all turn on each other and things only get worse.
  3. Somebody receives a haircut.
  4. Something entirely different happens.

Let’s do this Jeapordy style. Comment your answer below before I reveal the answer. How many of you can get it right?

That was fun

Ok, everybody have their answers in? I hope none of you cheated (not that it shouldn’t be kind of easy given the context but hey)! Let’s see what the answer is. That’s right, it’s a haircut! Not just any haircut though, one that has a lot of odd emphasis and semi-sexual feelings surrounding it. Just what you were expecting right?

I desperately want to show you a clip but unfortunately there isn’t one. So instead I’ll tell you what episode you can find this hilariously stupid moment in. Don’t worry, you don’t need any context, there isn’t really any. Just enjoy. It’s episode 8 “Determination (Blood/Judgement)”

Think I’m joking about the haircut bit? Here’s a quote from the episode synapsis:

‘Then it is Teruaki’s turn. After stalling the game by giving Nobuaki a haircut, Teruaki breaks his left hand.”

I certainly never expected this and I’m sure most people didn’t either. What a wild ride King’s Game was! Let me know what moment in anime gave you quite a surprise rather it be it silly or serious in the comments below. If you would like to support me and the content I create here please head on over to my Ko-fi and buy me a coffee. I’ll be back once again tomorrow as we draw ever nearer to the last day of the 30 day challenge for day 25:  Saddest anime death. Get a tissue box ready, you might just need it, and as always, thanks for reading!

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4 thoughts on “The 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 24 – The Most Shocking Moment in Anime

  1. King’s Game did have some incredibly surprising moments just because of how random and silly it was at times. I wasn’t expecting the girl who caught on fire to calmly continue explaining what she knew about the game before jumping off the edge of whatever they were standing on. That still strikes me as one of the stupidest scenes I’ve ever seen.

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