Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS Collaboration with Ayano & Lethargic Ramblings – We’re Back! Ep. 2


You must too, right? That or you must really love us! Either way, I’m happy you could join us for the second installment of this little collab we’re all doing together. The first post of ours was hosted by Ayano over at her site which you should totally go and check out. Today is my turn to host one of our posts where we’ll be talking about episode two, so obvious spoilers in bound. First off everybody was asked a pre-episode question and did a write up, then we watched the episode. Let’s see what everybody said and what the question was shall we?

How Will Ruuko React to Learning the Game isn’t Over?

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Jon:  Alright, so before watching episode two we all thought it might be fun to try and take a stab at how we think Ruuko is going to feel about the game still being active. Furthermore, it is in a far different state than when she participated back in season one. We see her at the end of episode one when Kiyoi happens to run into her. You know that she’s going to try and recruit her like she did with the other girls in episode one.

I’ve seen the trailer so I know some stuff about this show and the OP gives some glimpses of possible future events away but for the sake of what I think Ruuko is going to do once she learns about the game going on again (if she doesn’t already know) won’t be taking that stuff into account.

As to my actual thoughts, I believe that Ruuko will definitely want to battle more if she can but will feel conflicted because she knows the harsh reality of the game. I’m also personally interested to learn what happened with Tama because it never gets fully explored in the original WIXOSS series. Obviously, from the trailer, I know she’ll be in here and all that but to what capacity, why, how? That kind of stuff.

That’s it for me on the pre-episode write. I’ll have more thoughts for you once I watch the episode.

Ayano: I decided to go back and re-watch the end of the first episode just to freshen up my mind. We know Kiyoi is anxious to find Carnival (formally Kou) because of her lost memories. Hence why she asked Suzuko to help her find Carnival in the first place…but Hanna warns Suzuko she is playing with fire if she decides to battle in the games once again. It will endanger her relationship with Chinatsu; the relationship she worked so hard to gain back. The girls are walking on a very thin tightrope in this first episode and I think it is going to get even more dangerous. Especially now that we see Kiyoi approach Ruuko from season one.

I’m guessing Ruuko (in this next episode) will be hesitant of going back to the games just like Suzuko initially was. We know deep down Ruuko loves battling, so I don’t think it will take much to get her back into the swing of things though. We have to keep in mind that everything comes at a cost in this series. If you watch the trailer for this season you can see Tama is a human girl and that she still has a relationship with Ruuko. My biggest question is will there be some type of penalty if Ruuko battles again or will she just be giving advice to Kiyoi this time around? It seems that Kiyoi is our main character this season so she could be the one doing all the dirty work this season. Maybe because she was caught in a never ending cycle of winning, becoming an LRIG, so on and so forth. I’m thinking Ruuko, Yuzuki, and Hitoe might just become helping hands to the other girls but I would love to see them battle again. Bring on the nostalgia vibes from season one please!

Leth: It’s pretty clear from the end of the first episode that Kiyoi is going to try to recruit Ruuko, but as to how she’ll react the offer to join the games again? That depends on whether or not she’s aware that the WIXOSS battles are still going on. Judging from her almost carefree attitude at the end of the episode, I have a feeling that she isn’t aware of what’s been going on during the first season of Lostorage. And as a result I think she might be hesitant to jump back into the fray. Despite this, I’m almost certain that she’ll eventually agree to take part, given the shows opening sequence and her love for battling and desire to prevent the WIXOSS games from causing any more pain and suffering.

Naturally, I’m also curious about Tama. We pretty much know that she was freed from her fate as an LRIG at the end of the original WIXOSS, but did she become a whole new person? Or is she just her usual, adorable, hyperactive self with all her memories of being an LRIG left intact? And is she living with Ruuko? Does she go to school? There’s so many questions!

And of course, with Ruuko coming back, I’m pretty excited to see if we’ll see more of the original cast, which judging from the opening, is likely to happen. I wonder how they’ll interact with the new characters. Also: I spy Aki-Lucky! (A.K.A best girl). If she comes back as a main character again, I wonder how she’ll react to Kiyoi becoming a human, given they were once partners.

There’s a lot of potential for this new season to really bring everything together by bringing Ruuko and friends back. Very curious to see how this episode will play out!

Give us a moment to watch the episode.

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Music Included

Thoughts on the Episode

Unfortunately Ayano wasn’t able to provide her thoughts after watching the episode this go around. She took the weekend to go do some fun stuff and then had homework to deal with, so she won’t be providing any post-episode thoughts this time around. However, I did talk to her about it some and she enjoyed the episode.  She is still very much hyped for what is still to come in this season of WIXOSS. Now to see what Leth and I thought about the episode (spoilers:  we liked it).

Jon: This episode did manage to answer some questions regarding Tama and Ruuko but it mainly focused on Kiyoi. We got to see her backstory, which I something that I’ve been pretty interested since the last season of Lostorage. This episode also offered some explanation as to why the games are still active and why they have become more twisted than before.

I was correct in figuring that Ruuko didn’t know that the games were still going on. She seems like she wants to get involved but doesn’t want to involve a, “certain someone” who is quickly shown to be Tama who now lives with Ruuko and her grandmother (who is awesome by the way) as a human. Still wanting a bit more from all that but I can be patient.

All-in-all episode two was another great episode. I’m now fairly certain that Kiyoi is going to be the main character with the cast of season one playing a more supporting role for both the protagonist and antagonist. Definitely looking forward to what the remaining episodes have to bring.

Leth: So it turns out I was correct, and Ruko didn’t know the WIXOSS battles were still going on, and was very surprised to hear about the new game, and its origins, from Kiyoi. And interestingly, she declines Kiyoi’s offer to participate, because she has someone important that she wants to protect. That someone, unsurprisingly, turns out to be Tama, who is now both human and seemingly living with Ruuko and her grandmother, which is what I’d hoped for. She also doesn’t seem to have changed at all, and is still the Tama we know and love, just with a more human appearance, which is great!

Aside from satisfying my inner WIXOSS fanboy by giving us new scenes with Ruuko and Tama, a large chunk of this second episode is dedicated solely to Kiyoi and developing her backstory as the LRIG Piruluk and her days as a human before she became an LRIG too. While Kiyoi’s backstory has been shown briefly in the past, it’s never been detailed to this extent, and it’s nice to finally see her story arc in full, and really elevates her to the status of a “main character”. This is something I wanted to happen back in the first season of Lostorage, so I’m glad it’s finally happening. The backstory itself was incredibly feelsy, and did an excellent job of explaining and justifying Kiyoi’s character and past actions, both as an LRIG and a human.

And it turns out she’s become close friends with a girl named Amika, who used to be her Selector back when she was an LRIG. Their relationship is pretty interesting, and serves to humanise the often expressionless Kiyoi, which is something I really appreciated.

That does it for us this time folks! Join us again as we continue to share our thoughts on the series as it airs. It is a TON of fun to work with both Ayano and Leth for this article series so I really hope you guys also enjoy reading it. Be sure to follow both of them here on WordPress and on Twitter too. Links provided below:

Ayano:  https://kawaiipaperpandas.wordpress.com/ & on Twitter @paperpandabears

Leth:  https://lethargicramblings.wordpress.com/ & on Twiter @AlwaysLethargic

As always, thanks for reading!

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