The 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 11 – My Favorite Mecha Anime

Who Doesn’t Like Giant Robots?

30-day-anime-challengeWelcome to day 11 of the 30 day challenge where I’ll be discussing my favorite mecha anime. Before we dive into things here’s a quick reminder of the posting schedule for the month. We are now over a third of the way through so be sure to check out some of the previous days if you missed any. Now, I’m not the biggest mecha fan (sorry Scott) but I’ve seen my fair share. Let’s see what title I ultimately decided was my favorite!

There are a lot of mecha anime I’ve seen and enjoyed. Some of those titles are Aldnoah.Zero, Gun x Sword, Guilty Crown, and crowd favorite Gurren Lagann. Of course, I can’t understate the importance of some series like Neon Genesis Evangelion or Gundam have towards the genre. I really enjoyed Eva but couldn’t get into Gundam much at all personally. However, there is one mecha series I greatly enjoyed and that would be Code Geass.

Since I’ve already talked about the series at length in one of my ABC reviews I’ll spare rehashing exactly why I like that series. Instead, I’ll talk about why this is my favorite mecha series. Simply put, it really doesn’t put a big emphasis on the giant robots.

Plus who doesn’t love how flamboyantly over-the-top Lelouch is?

At its core Code Geass is a political drama with supernatural elements. While the robots are a tool to deliver some of the action (and sell merchandise $$$) I never felt like that was what I was supposed to care about. I cared a lot more about the story and characters. Some of the other titles I mention come close to this but they always fall short of just how grandiose and fantastical this series felt.

So now it’s your turn! Are you a big mecha fan or a bit more casual like myself? What mecha series would you say is your favorite and did you agree with my choice? Let me know your full thoughts in the comments below. If you enjoy the work I’m doing here than please consider donating a few bucks my way via Ko-fi. As always, thanks for reading and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for day 12 where I talk about the saddest anime scene!

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12 thoughts on “The 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 11 – My Favorite Mecha Anime

  1. Good pick. Code Geass is one of my fave anime of all time. These days I don’t watch much mech stuff, which is a pity. Back in the day I grew up on stuff like Voltron, Mazinger Z and Robotech.

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  2. I’m in the minority with my opinion, but I didn’t like Code Geass all that much. I might try it again, but it didn’t really do much for me.

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  3. Code Geass is one of my favourites, or Full Metal Panic. I think because while both of them are mecha anime, the focus is more on characters (FMP) or political drama. It isn’t just machines fighting other machines with pilot reactions.

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