It’s no Joke! The 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 1 – The First Anime I Watched

The Journey Begins

30-day-anime-challengeHere’s a quick reminder of the schedule and what we’ll be talking about today. For day one it seems fitting that I am to discuss the first anime I ever watched. Now like a lot of folks, the first anime I watched would have been as a child before I knew what anime was. That would make it either DBZ or Sailor Moon but I don’t really count those ones. Instead I’ll be talking about the first anime I recognized as anime. Can you guess what it was (well probably since the picture I used for the featured image gives it away)?

I’m not 100% sure when it was, but the first anime I watched and knew was anime was around the end of high school or the very start of college for me. The title may just surprise you because it isn’t one that most people would pick as their starting show:  Vampire Hunter D (or as it is known in the US at least, Vampire Hunter D:  Bloodlust).

Why did I start with that? Well truth be told, I didn’t actually seek this out. A few friends of mine were just sure that I had to watch it and so I gave it a shot. In the end I enjoyed the film but I can’t really remember that much about it. There are vampires, a guy with a talking hand, something about space I think, and…?

Still, this showed me that there was more to anime than gratuitous fanservice, porn, and kids stuff. It was a more serious kind of story that I was looking for in my media and with this I became intrigued. I moved on swiftly to the likes of Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and Neon Genesis. I’ve stuck with it ever since.

I hope you enjoyed this little blurb about my first anime and how that sparked my interest in seeking out more stuff. Tomorrow is going to be about my favorite anime (at least so far any way) so I hope you’ll look forward to it! If you would like to help me out some, then feel free to check out my Ko-fi but don’t feel obligated to donate anything. As always, thanks for reading and I hope to see you back here soon!

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26 thoughts on “It’s no Joke! The 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 1 – The First Anime I Watched

  1. It’s interesting you bring this up because Rossiroad (of My Brain is Completely Empty) mentioned this one fairly recently. I’ve only seen Bloodlust out of the 2 Vampire Hunter D movies (watched it last year around this time), but I have read 15 of the English novel releases (to my memory). I did read them in order so I can’t remember how faithful the book was to the movie (Bloodlust is an adaption of book 3), but I think fairly highly of this movie nonetheless.

    If you don’t count anything where I wasn’t aware of its being an anime, you’ll have to blame Detective Conan for why I’m here.

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    1. Pinpointing exactly whet anime was my first took some doing. Surprised myself a bit even. That’s the only one in the series I’ve seen though.

      Detective Conan is a fun show, not a bad one for your first at all.


      1. It’s probably worth a rewatch if the opportunity arises. I reneger at the time that I see it that it wasn’t available in the UK and no reggae date was forthcoming, so I had to pay through the nose to import from the USA. I’m just glad my DVD player back then was region free.

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            1. Oh nice! Usually I’m not as proactive since I like to have the flexibility to be a bit reactive to news/current events. That makes this an experiment. I’m going to try and keep up the one month ahead thing subbing in content that might be more hot when appropriate.

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                  1. I see. I’m glad you’re able to do this challenge nonetheless. I get super busy with my work and creative projects, so it’s tough for me to do challenges like that. However, I did write Hollandus Landing for 6 months straight last year.

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  2. I still don’t remember when I watched Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. I watched it fairly early on in my list of anime I found as an adult, but still not sure how I found it or why. I know I really enjoyed it.

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