‘Veronica’ Film Review

Grade: A-

Sandra Escacena in Verónica (2017)

Many articles online claim that Spanish horror film ‘Veronica’ is “one of the scariest movies of all time”. At first glance, that may be hard to believe, since there is always that one report with those eight words plastered on every horror movie cover. Many critics know that the genre is filled with the same old jump scares and bloody/gory imagery to project shock among viewers. ‘Veronica’ has its share of these tropes, but with amazing direction by Paco Plaza, it becomes an intense haunted powerhouse of scares.

‘Veronica’ is claimed to be based on an actual event that took place in Madrid in 1991 (the end of the film even shows disturbing photos of destruction taking place in the apartment where the subject of this film lived – the text, especially.). The story goes that a teenage girl named Veronica (Portrayed by Sandra Escacena) was haunted by a demonic spirit  after messing with a Ouija board with her classmates/friends. As with every movie based on (or inspired by) actual events, some moments were fictionalized for dramatic effect, but by how much?

I admit that I rarely do research of subjects of true story movies, and watch movies for entertainment. As with the case of ‘Veronica’, I was intrigued since it was on Netflix. It did not seem like much at first, but once it grabs, it does not let go; it keeps you immersed from beginning to end.

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