Anime ABC’s N Results


One Tight Race

This round of Anime ABC’s had a lot of weirdness surrounding it. For starters, some long-time voters didn’t participate (I didn’t send it to them, what with everything going on and all) and the front runner changed almost every time somebody voted. In total we had 22 unique voters. At the end of the day though, only one title can reign supreme. Today, a champion emerges and that champion is…

Welcome to the NHK.

Having received a total of 8 votes this is our winner for the N round! Nichijou and No Game No Life were in second and third place respectively. Everything else was reasonably close behind.

I’ll be taking time to re-watch the series and have everything still going on (see this update if you don’t know already) so don’t expect this one to come very quickly. In the meantime I am going to try and schedule a few goodies for you all here-and-there between so I’m not totally dead during my absence. If you want to see me a bit more active, you can find me on Twitter @JS_Reviews.

Not enough for you? Will then be sure to check out the previous ABC article where I discuss Mob Psycho 100 and talk a bit about One Punch Man too. Of course, you can always see every review/discussion piece I ever did by clicking the header for the category on the main page or just clicking here for an alphabetized list.

As always, the full results of the vote are attached below. Did your pick win out or did end up falling short? Let me know your thoughts on this round of Anime ABC’s and the result. Until then, take it easy and I hope I can come back in full swing soon!



Other results:  Noragami, Neo Ranga, Nerawareta Gakuen/Psychic School Wars, Nana, and Naruto

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