An Unexpected Announcement – Really Important Update Regarding the Fate of Jon Spencer Reviews

Hello Everybody

The other day you may have seen a particular tweet of mine. If not, then here is the tweet in question. Today I will be addressing said tweet and informing you all of exactly what’s going on. Ultimately, based on your responses, Jon Spencer Reviews may cease to be something I personally involve myself in. However, there is still a chance that I don’t just walk away from this so please be sure to read this in full.

The Situation

Let’s start with what the tweet was actually about. I just refer to “bad news” which is really vague. I was specifically referring to the HUGE debt I incurred unknowingly. I have also missed payments on this debt I did not know about and my monthly payment amounts required exceed $1,000 per month. I simply can’t afford that. To make matters worse, my mother sprung this news on me completely out of the blue when I had company over and pretty much went into a blind panic. The loan people didn’t contact me at all, despite their claims to contact me since 2017.

Instead, they sent my mom exactly two emails. One advertising more loans to me for some reason and the other saying I owe a lot of money while additionally having late payments. At first I really thought this was a scam because I had thought I paid off my student loans. Turns out, I had another loan but nobody had bothered to tell me about it.

As it stands, I am $10,000’s in debt and it is only getting worse.

You see, I have an annuity from when my father died that has enough money to pay off all my debts and even provide a living wage to me for a few years. Sounds too good to be true right? Well it kind of is. I have limits on what I can draw and when. Unfortunately, I have the funds to pay off the debt but am not allowed to access them. I used my one-time graduation pull to pay off, what I thought, was all my debt already. So in that sense, I’m out of luck.

This whole problem is the result of a lack of communication from my government, my mother, and how silly my annuity is set up (it’s really more like a trust fund). Largely, I had no real control over this mess. Even now, I can only do so much.

Now I did call the loan people and think that I worked out a semi-solution where I won’t have the penalty for not paying anymore. They also said they would try and adjust my monthly payment amounts. However, I won’t know for certain about this until sometime next week (which is just too long to put off this update). If that happens, then it should become more manageable but I really don’t know.

So here’s the rest of the deal. I’m making $58 bucks, if I’m lucky, a month. That’s it. Money has now become my number one concern. If I’m not making money with something, I need to stop doing it. I can’t waste any time because (right now at least) the problem is looking really bad for me.

Some of you may know that I have a job developer and receive government assistance with finding a job as well. I was maybe going to get a job but seeing as I have yet to hear back about that, it is safe to say I didn’t get it. They needed to fill the position ASAP and it has already been nearly 5 days since I had my surprise interview. In all honesty though, that route has become an unrealistic option for me. I basically have to get a job in my home town because I can’t afford to live on my own AND pay off this debt.

As an alternative, I am trying to get disability-anything but that process is long and I’m not likely to be approved. I’m not missing limbs, in a wheelchair, or incapable of reading/writing so my odds are highly stacked against. I look “normal” and that’s the kind of person who doesn’t usually get government aid for disability in the US. Sucks, but that’s the truth.

How does the site fit into this all exactly?

As I mentioned before, I cannot afford to waste any time. I need money, and I need it now. Additionally, I need it consistently. The site just doesn’t provide me money. I have some Patreon supporters, and I really appreciate you guys, but it just isn’t enough. Unless the community has a solution or is willing to start paying me a living wage for my writing, and I really don’t think I’m good enough (I would have “made it” so-to-speak in writing if I were by now), then here’s what’s going to have to happen.

I’m going to have to stop participating in this site. All of my social media and the site itself would remain activated but I would personally be stepping away. Here’s what wouldn’t change. Jacob would likely still upload and I would update the menus as needed, Anime ABC’s current round would at least be finished out, I would still check in and respond to comments/emails/etc… every once in awhile. That’s it.

This would be permanent unless I found a job and was making enough money for me to be able to have free-time again. I’m cutting everything, not just this, because I can’t just idle and have the problem get worse. No more dance, weekly D&D, nothing. I have to work as much as possible, which I know isn’t healthy, but that is how bad the situation is.

With that I’m sorry to have worried you all, and I really don’t want to just up and drop everything, but that’s what it has come to.

-Jon Spencer

EDIT:  As suggested, I created a Ko-fi thing if you would like to help me out any. Please do not feel obligated to do so though.

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54 thoughts on “An Unexpected Announcement – Really Important Update Regarding the Fate of Jon Spencer Reviews

  1. I’m so sorry about this and that it happened. I wish I could do more to help, but just know that I hope it all turns out and that they allow for smaller payments. I’ve had to do this a few times as well and most often they do work with you… I hope this all can get worked out soon!

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  2. I’m so sorry about your situation! It’s awful and you don’t deserve to have that dropped on you! I really hope you can fix everything soon and I think you should do whatever needed in order to make your situation a little easier! I, like many others will miss you while your gone but take as long as you need and hopefully you can come back soon! I’m sending you lots of thoughts and good vibes and I hope you can sort everything out very soon!

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    1. Thank you very much. I really don’t want to drop everything and bail out like this but I am doing so in order to find a solution faster so that I can be back sooner too. Hopefully everything can get sorted out, that would be nice. Again, thanks 🙂

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  3. I’ve been trying to come up with something to say for a while now and I still don’t know what I want to say. I’m sorry this happened to you. Life has treated you completely unfair, so I hope you persevere. If anything, don’t worry about blogging, worry about yourself and get yourself situated. Hopefully you’ll come back eventually.

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    1. No worries Scott, I understand. Thank you for being so awesome though. I’ll be doing my best to come back as soon as I can, and hopefully it isn’t going to take so long. I’ve only been at this job hunting thing a year so I’m due soon, right? Well let’s hope so at least!


  4. Oh Jon I am so sorry to hear this. You have everyone here thinking of you and I’m certainly not liking this post. I really hope everything will be okay for you Jon I’ll be thinking about you for certain.

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    1. Thank you, the amount of response this has received has been really incredible! I greatly appreciate all the support everybody is sending my way too 🙂 I’ll be doing my best to come back ASAP.

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  5. This is just awful and I can’t sympathize with you enough… My father died when I was young and let’s say my mom ended up with a lot of debt… Even a decade later we just received a huge debt to pay that we didn’t even know that we had it… But it’s more manageable than yours though…
    It really sucks, but you will have to stay strong. Yes, next days don’t seem to appear that bright, but things will get better sooner or later! They always do (even if takes some time) 🙂 I really hope you the best and I wish luck!

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  6. This is terrible Jon-san.
    I really hope you can settle things soon. Take your time in getting back, things look to be hard and positively unfair, but we’re here for you.
    I’m sorry this had to happen, and wish you the very best.

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  7. What a horrible situation to be in. I can’t sympathise with you enough. The fact you get such poor government assistance is shocking. I do sincerely hope you find a resolution and quickly.

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    1. Thank you, I really hope I can get approved for some more assistance. That would be a really big help. If that happens then I’ll be able to come back for sure! Not going to get my hopes up too high on that though since the process can take years sometimes :/ Any way, hopefully everything works out quickly and I can come back before too long.


  8. This is really awful, and I’m sorry to hear you’re having to deal with it. Money issues cause me more anxiety than pretty much anything else in the world, so I can definitely relate… especially as someone who was less than financially secure for several years in the recent past.

    Do take the time to try and sort things out… but don’t neglect any “outlets” you might have for yourself, too. For me, that was my writing; for you, that might be something different. Whatever it might be, you say you can’t afford to waste time, but, so long as that’s not ALL you’re doing, taking some time to have a breather for the sake of your own mental health is just as important as actively chasing jobs and suchlike.

    I wish you the very best of luck with all this, and I hope you manage to resolve this horrible situation as soon as you can. In the meantime, I know everyone reading this will be thinking of you and sending you their best. “This, too, shall pass” and all that.

    Take care!

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    1. Thank you very much. I understand on the outlet front, I will be sure to allow myself some breaks. Largely, that’s going to be Hearthstone when I’m waiting for emails or phone calls. That’s about the only thing I’m letting myself keep. Hopefully this can get sorted out to a manageable level soon so I can come back swiftly 🙂

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  9. What a horrible and unfair situation this is.

    Having an unknown debt spring up out of nowhere, with no real prior warning whatsoever is absolutely shocking and I’d be freaking out if it happened to me.

    For what it’s worth, you’re one of my favourite bloggers in this community and always made top tier, quality posts that were always an absolute joy to read and I’ll miss both you and your content. However, I completely understand, and I wish you luck in overcoming this awful situation.

    I hope everything works out for you. We’re all here to support you, mentally, should you need it.

    Take care, Jon.

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    1. I really appreciate the kind words, thank you very much 🙂 Hopefully I’ll be able to sort everything out in a timely manner and have the luxury of being able to get back at this again. I also appreciate all the support for getting through all this from everybody as well. In he mean time, I hope everybody keeps making wonderful content for when I can stop by every now-and-again. Here’s to hopping I can come back soon though!

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  10. As I mentioned yesterday over on your tweet, I haven’t been very active the past two weeks. But just like your tweet from yesterday I just had to respond to this post. When you mentioned yesterday that something bad happened, I did not realise that things were this bad. I’m just really sorry about this. You have always been a very active and wonderful person in this community, and I am pretty much convinced when I say that you are going to be missed: a lot, I am speaking for pretty much everyone. I completely understand it though. I just hope things for you are going to settle down and that somewhere in the future you will return to us again. And I hope that moment comes soon. For now though, I wish you all the best, and please take very good care of yourself. You have always been a wonderful and kind person that I always enjoyed talking to, and I am really, really going to miss you 😢

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    1. I really appreciate the kindness you’ve shown me Raistlin. I hope this can all get taken care of soon and I can come back. I would love to stay but the site is just a time sink right now that I can’t afford, along with pretty much every fun thing I do. Unfortunately, until I start generating money at least, that’s just how it has to be :/

      At least you’ll still see me around a little bit and I promised the next ABC article once the vote ends so I won’t be totally gone. Just sucks is all :/


  11. It really an awful thing just happened to you. It really sadden be to know you will have to leave the community.
    Take the time you need, your priority is to be able to live comfortably.
    Hopefully one day you will be able to go back and know you will always have your place among us.

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  12. Though I only met you recently, it already feels like such a big blow to lose a great blogging friend like yourself. If it were my way, we would all be judged and paid by the quality of our character—which would make you a millionaire, my friend— and less so by the occupation. That said, I’m wishing you all the luck in securing yourself a job. It’ll be hard work, I imagine, but if your work ethic is anything like your blogging spirit, I know you’ll pull through.

    May we meet on this side of the sphere sometime in the future! Till then, best of luck, and keep in touch—we’re all rooting for you!

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    1. Wow, thank you for all the kind words! 😀 I hope I can get things sorted quickly and return soon. Until then I’ll still be available from time-to-time so please don’t feel like you can’t contact me ever. Again, thank you 🙂

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  13. Aww this is horrible. I hope everything works out in the end and good luck! It’s sucks that you have to leave the blogging community but I hope that one day you will return!

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  14. The loan system is just rigged. There are so many issues it.. I’m sure that if you need to step away for a bit and sort everything out, everyone will be more than happy to wait for your return. As for not being good enough because you haven’t made it yet, ask JK Rowling, or Rimbaud.

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    1. I just wish I would have known about the loan, because I could have paid it. Hard to pay a bill when they don’t tell you until its past due…

      I guess that’s true. Still, writing isn’t making much of anything for me at all so I just can’t justify the time right now. I need to use as much of it as possible for work…. if I can find some.

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  15. I’m so sorry this is happening to you Jon – it’s hard when you have to give up your passion due to financial constraints. I hope you can get this mess sorted out sooner than later – I can’t believe how mum the loans people were all that time…

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    1. Thank you. I can’t believe that they spent a full year trying to contact me but never even called my signatory until I missed a payment. I mean, as far as they knew I could have been dead or something. You’d think they’d want to know that? Guess not, as long as they get the money or whatever…

      Hopefully it gets sorted quickly though and want to get back ASAP

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  16. Why do worst things always happen to the best people?
    Is this the balance we speak of when we seek God?
    Life can surely be unfair but whatever you do, please don’t become like it.

    Best of luck my fam!

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  17. I’m really sorry to hear about what happened. An unknown debt just sprung on you, I’d also be panicking and trying to think of something. Hopefully something will get sorted out.
    And I’m with Rose, I wouldn’t mind buying you a few ko-fi’s to help out a friend ❤

    I hope things work out sooner than later and that you can come back soon.

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    1. I really hope so too. Thank you very much. I ended up creating a page which you can now find at the bottom of the article or on Twitter attached to the tweet for this article.

      I’d love to be able to come back right away, so I really hope I can.

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  18. Hopefully you can sort your payments with them, but that really sucks. I’m sorry to hear this has happened to you. I hope something changes for the better or you find a job but I know how hard that has already been. Wishing you the best of luck and hoping a solution to this is found.

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  19. I’m really sorry to hear about your financial woes right now. I’m actually a job developer too and I know first hand how bad the pace is for getting a lot of these things in place in this field, especially when dealing with the state. “The government sucks at everything” is fairly accurate. Anyway, I hope everything works out for you in your life and it sounds like you’re doing the right thing by prioritizing what’s most important. Best of luck to you.

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    1. Oh, I didn’t know that about you. My job developer is really nice but he hasn’t helped too much unfortunately :/ it’s just so hard to find any work for me.

      Thank you and I hope I can come back soon!

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  20. Well, I won’t “like” this post because there is nothing to like about it! I understand completely and loan people are not understanding at all. I had the same problem with a credit card I had cancelled but they still allowed payments to come off it without my permission and I had no idea.. It definitely wasn’t as bad as this, but I know how there’s not much you can do about it! I hope you can come back to us eventually!

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  21. Whoa, I never expected the problem to be this big. I’m sorry to hear that and now that I know what the truth is, I think this choice of discontinuing the blog is a hard yet rational one. I hope things settle down for you soon and that you come back once again; happy and free from tension.

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    1. Yeah… I was not expecting it at all. The money has always been tight for me but now it is just at such a ridiculous level of problematic that I couldn’t think of any other solution… Thank you though, and I hope I can come back soon.

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  22. Sorry to hear this, Jon! It’s terrible how you were unaware of the debt amount until now. What a surprise that must have been. 😦 I think it would be a good idea to open a Ko-Fi account. I wouldn’t mind buying you a “coffee” which would go to your account.

    Yes, I do believe that stopping the blog is the right thing to do because job finding is definitely priority. I hope you’ll be able to blog again soon. Best of luck, Jon!

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    1. I’ll look into the Ko-Fi thing, I don’t really know anything about it. I really don’t want to stop working here, I enjoy it. The job hunt was never going well but maybe it’ll turn around if I devote myself to it 24/7. Any way, thank you.

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