Christmas List 2/9: Decapitated – Nihility

Polished, Polish, & Magic Metal

Excuse the terrible title, It’s just a nod to what one of my friends called this album once. Moving on, today we will have a look at what is considered by many Death Metal fans, to be an essential part of a collection and an album that helped pave they way for the Technical Death Metal genre. Also I’ll recommend a song that recently came out by one of my favourite bands; The Crossed; at the end of the review.

Righto, lets get right into it. The 1st track is a bit of a doozy, in my opinion, and somewhat breaks the common trend for most albums to open with a strong or awesome song. But to me, ‘Perfect Dehumanisation (The Answer)’ just sort of glides through mediocreville for the entirety of the song. It’s not the best start for an album, but I wouldn’t say it’s terrible by any stretch. It just doesn’t really have a hell of a lot that’s special about it, although it does have a very good guitar solo near the end.

‘Eternity too short’ is a polar opposite. It’s addictive from the first few seconds and catchy throughout. The speed is a bit whacky at times though, despite this however, it is an extremely good song. It’s the right blend of simple and complex; and it’s placement has helped with putting all of the softer songs near the first half of the album.

Track 3, ‘Mother War’ is another equally addictive song. Like a lot of the songs here, it’s got a strangely segmented feel to it. As if each song on the album is made up of mini songs, almost like a small cluster of songs within each title, and it’s noticeable here. The song is very different at quite a few parts here, and while the tunes are as far away from each other as possible, it still feels like it all fits together.

The eponymous 4th track. Is so damn powerful right from the get go, it honestly makes me forget the other tracks before it every time I hear it. Its got a tune that, while simple compared to the rest of this album, just continues to pull you in leaving no reason to skip at any point of the song. Somewhat of a hypnotic tune, it only gets more intense and catchy after the halfway point, where skipping or pausing would almost make it worth your while just restarting the song from the start. This is one of those songs that makes me feel sad when it ends because it means it’s over. I envy anyone who gets to hear this for the first time.

‘Names,’ the oddly named 5th track, takes us over the halfway line here in this unfortunately short album. Almost immediately, the drums are on the attack, going off like a machine gun on steroids. The guitars not far behind them, joining in on the offensive are the extra deep and guttural vocals. Unlike the other songs on this album, this song doesn’t seem to speed up halfway through and opts instead to put the speed closer towards the end of the song. The last minute or so being the quickest and most intense. It’s a bit of a weird change compared to the rest of the album, but it’s welcome. It also doesn’t really seem to return to its original state at any point, going instead for all out evolution the entire time, blending new elements with every passing second.

The 6th song, ‘Spheres of Madness’ is likely the 1 Decapitated song that you will be recommended to listen to if you are just getting into the band. And unusually, for once, I am inclined to agree with the fans here. The opening isn’t really anything spectacular, it’s just a sequential tune that variate its tone every few notes. But when they start melding in other aspects, the song quickly goes from underwhelming to outstanding. Especially when the main riff kicks in, you understand why most fans gravitate to this song. It’s something I would easily consider to be one of, if not the best, Death Metal song. It’s been praised by many, including Andy Marsh of Thy Art is Murder, who said the song was infinitely replayable. A statement I can agree with.

The 2nd to last track, ‘Babylon’s pride’ is my favourite song from this album. It pulls no stops and doesn’t care if you’re ready or not. It starts out strong and goes strong throughout. The song’s main riff is one that I could listen to forever, it remains technical and complex, not bothering to simplify itself at any point. There isn’t much to say about this song beyond: give it a listen. Like a few other songs I’ve reviewed, it’s far better to hear it for yourself than it is to take my word on it.

The final track, ‘Symmetry of Zero’ though short, does manage to cram a lot of notes in. At parts of this I sort of hear a little bit of where Gojira might have got some inspiration from. Whether or not they are inspired by Decapitated, I don’t know. It also sounds a little bit like Pantera, but too a lesser extent, during some sections. A fairly decent sendoff for the album, but by itself a tad boring and somewhat confusing.

Overall, I’d give this album an 8/10. It’s fast, heavy and complex, though its short length of only 36 minutes does hold it back a bit. A few extra tracks might have made this album a little bit better, but apart from that, totally fine. I would class this as the Death Metal equivalent of Dirt.

Now, to the point I discussed in the description. I would highly recommend, and really appreciate, if you could check out this new song that one of my favourite bands recently recorded: 

Thoughts? Discuss down below!

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