A Sister’s All You Need – Not What You Think

It’s Good?

Riding the waves of Eromanga


I did that intro already in my Fall 2017 anime impressions article which you should totally check out. Despite what things may first appear, what A Sister’s All You Need ends up being is a hodgepodge of romance, comedy, meta-narrative, drama… thing. I’ve heard a lot about how it is just baseless pandering and repetitive jokes with an overly sexual focus but coming from a guy who is pretty quickly turned off by stuff like that I actually found myself enjoying this. A lot.

Aside from a few stray moments I previously mentioned and episode 9, there really isn’t much “objectionable” content here. A Sister’s All You Need was surprisingly serious amidst all its silliness. It’s a fine line to startle, shows like Chunibyo startle it masterfully. Here, the line is closely followed with just a few slips but it isn’t anything that really took away from the overall experience. What helped to keep things together was the cast and the fact that it was also a workplace story.

Nayuta was the focus of a lot of the negative comments and here’s why

In combination, A Sister’s All You Need managed to strike a decent balance. I couldn’t help but get caught up in learning about the manga industry and the day lives of this colorful cast, even if some of them could be a bit crude. There were moments that were cute, inspiring, and even somewhat sad. For something I decided to check out with a friend purely because I happened to see a YouTube video featuring part of the first five minutes of episode one, this ended up being among the better shows I watched this season.

The icing on the cake was the fact that they played actual board games in some of the episodes. Oh, wait a second… I’m doing it again, I already talked about that one. Joking aside, it was a cool aspect of the show. In addition to this, the other “best part” of the anime were the eyecatches and end cards. They featured interesting facts from information about Japanese tax law, to beer, and even how to fold a pair of panties into a bow you can wear in your hair (I’m not even joking).

Proof! Sorry for the poor quality, these were really hard to find

Ultimately, I couldn’t help but look forward to A Sister’s All You Need each week. It wasn’t groundbreaking or anything but it was genuinely a good time. By time it had ended I wanted more, and that marks the show as a positive experience overall. Like I said, there were some clear issues and I did feel uncomfortable during a few scenes, but even then I just couldn’t help but have a good time with this one.

That’s it for today’s review, nice and short. What are your thoughts on A Sister’s All You Need? Did you end up enjoying it like me or was it just too off-putting? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. If you would like to support the work I and others do at Jon Spencer Reviews, please consider becoming a Patron. The money helps out, even if it isn’t a lot. For full details just click the button below. As always, thanks for reading and I hope to see you back here at the site again soon!



13 thoughts on “A Sister’s All You Need – Not What You Think

  1. I get where you are coming from. The show definitely tried to have character narratives, but I think their moments were drowned by fanservice and shock value sex jokes. Some of the board games seemed to give insights into light novelist’s lives but I didn’t really find them enjoyable, probably because I am not into board games. The show definitely was ambitious, it tried a lot of things- so I wouldn’t say it doesn’t have entertainment value.

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  2. Never checked it out. Not gonna lie, looked like it was gonna be nothing but pandering nonsense. I guess I’ll have to check it out as I finish stuff from las season.

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    1. That’s totally fair, if I hadn’t known that the rest of the show was pretty different then I probably would have bothered with it. Still, I seem to have enjoyed this one a lot more than most so…

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        1. I really think the occasional sexual humor put a lot of people off, not to mention the siscon stuff. There really isn’t much in that department though which is what I found surprising. I normally can’t stand shows that delve into either topic too deeply and I had a nice time. Unexpected.

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