Anime ABC’s L Results

Hello Everybody!

I’m excited to say that we once again had a wonderful turnout for this voting round, matching the previous record of 29 responses. To my surprise, the “other” category was a real contender this go around but it ultimately didn’t win out. There was just too much back and forth between Little Witch Academia (TV) and Chunibyo. However, there can only be one winner and when the dust finally settled Little Witch took the day with 11 votes!

While I certainly didn’t expect this title to win, I really thought Chunibyo or Log Horizon would ultimately win, I’m very pleased with the results. I haven’t seen Little Witch yet but I liked the OVA’s well enough to want to get around to it eventually. So thanks for the opportunity everybody!

There will be a little bit of a delay getting this review out, but don’t worry it won’t be a terribly long wait. That being said, it won’t be done before the start of the new year. This is due to Christmas and my current work schedule. Furthermore, a friend of mine who moved out to California (and is an avid Patreon supporter of mine) is home for a visit these next few weeks and I’ll be hanging out with him some. The important part, is that he requested (if this title won out) to watch and participate in the reviewing process this time around. Hopefully the delay will be worth it.

As always, here is a breakdown of the votes (Other was really interesting):



Other:  Library Wars, Love Live (x3), The Littl’ Bits, Laputa:  Castle in the Sky, Love Hina, Love Lab, (A) Lull in the Sea, Laughing Under the Clouds/Donten ni Warau, Lost Universe, and Locodol

14 thoughts on “Anime ABC’s L Results

  1. This letter had a lot of strong contenders. I haven’t watched Little Witch, but can vouch for the quality of Log Horizon, Lucky Star, Wixoss and Chunibiyo.

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  2. personal question, if i may ask … i want to know how much the different before and after you created your patreon. i want to have one, but ‘m not sure if it will makes this blogging thing easier or just makes it more complex. because, patreon too will need a management, right?

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    1. Yeah it needs some management. Really, I don’t do enough there. So for me the extra work is marginal. If I were really proactive I’d probably spend an extra hour or two a week on it if I wanted to go more traction there.

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        1. If you feel like you can market yourself enough and make sure to put content up on the Patreon on itself every now and again, then I say go for it. Don’t expect a ton out of it though, it’s very hard for bloggers to make much on the platform.

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  3. I still haven’t gotten around to Little Witch Academia even though it is available at this point. I really should check it out. Though in the meantime, I’ll look forward to your review on it.

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