Music Review: The list of 6, 2017

The great, the ok and the “oh how we wish we could forget that happened”

Well, it’s that time of year again where we have to swap out our calender’s, make false promises to ourselves that we will with 100% certainty break and also the time for recaps! In the final Frank Mayer article of 2017 We’ll be taking a look at the 2 best albums released this year, the 2 most average ones and the 2 albums that made us shake our heads in a mixture of emotions that are minimally positive. I’ll also be doing a short QnA (Questions and Answers) in the comments so if any of you have something you’d like to ask, feel free to do so.

Let’s start this all off in the middle ground, with the 2 most average albums released this year.

Septicflesh – Codex Omega, 5/10: While having quite a few technically impressive sections and some very powerful vocals, the fact that only 1 track really stands out holds this back, overall though not a bad choice by any stretch.

Samael – Hegemony, 6/10: With songs like “Black Supremecy” and “Hegemony” on this album, you won’t leave disappointed but you also won’t leave totally wowed or wanting to hear the other tracks all the time. Though with the very unique Industrial Black Metal I wouldn’t be surprised if they were able to pump out some damn good songs. I may be biased though as this is the first album by them I have heard, so I may have to investigate further at some point.

Now on to the 2 worst albums this year.

Thy Art is Murder – Dear Desolation, 2/10: For an album that was so hyped and that I was so excited for, I was honestly so disappointed when this album came out and I got to hear it for the first time. Sadly, only 3 of 10 songs on this album are listenable in my opinion. Thy Art has steadily been going more on the Average instead of the Amazing with the past few album releases. I can respect that they are trying something new and going in a different direction but I can only list 1 album that has left me more disappointing than this.

This one -> Suicide Silence – Suicide Silence, 0/10: Unarguably the absolute worst metal album released in 2017. This sets the gold standard and takes the crown for “Absolute Zeroes” which is a term I use to describe albums with little to no creative value or importance. Just 1 listen of “Doris” or “Silence” is all you need to get an impression of this album. Experimentation works sometimes this is a commonly accepted fact. But when the entire basis of something new is imitating something that had fading appeal when it was new 10+ years ago the outcome is unlikely to be good. As a final note on this release, this is a perfect example of what not to do with creativity, and there are very few times I would encourage piracy, but in the case of this album, if you really want to make the mistake of hearing this end to end the most I can inform you to do is listen to an album stream on youtube, but do not buy it. It may sound harsh but the #1 way to get a content provider to listen is not leaving pointless angry comments, the best way is to not fund mistakes.

Moving on to more positive things now, the 2 best albums of 2017!

Decapitated – Anticult, 8/10: Honestly I was expecting this album to release about as well as the previously mentioned one, but to my complete amazement and surprise I was blown away by how good this was. Almost immediately after I finished this album, I had some water, sat down and listened to it again, just to make sure I didn’t have my musical preference get dragged so low by the abysmal SS album. And sure enough I was blown away again. This is a must listen if you are a metal fan and a real standout release this year in my opinion.

And finally number 1

Godflesh – Post Self, 9.5/10 (I can’t give it a 10 because it’s not ‘Dirt’): A follow up to 2014’s “A World Lit Only By Fire” that is another release in a long line of impeccable creations from the UK based Industrial Metal band. With an unmistakable sound to it, a blend of old and new that mixes very well. I can’t find any flaws in this really, didn’t find myself bored at any point and was on the edge of my seat the whole time waiting to see if the next track was better than the last. Overall I’d say if you were going to buy a metal album and you only had enough cash to buy 1, this would be the one I would recommend. 

I won’t leave links to these as they are relatively new so giving them a chance to at least earn some revenue would be handy to the artists mentioned here. 

Finally for the QnA. Feel free to ask any questions here in the comments and I will answer anything asked before January 1st 2018. Future QnA’s will occur on the final review for the year or alongside any Jon may do in the future.

3 thoughts on “Music Review: The list of 6, 2017

  1. Let’s kick off this Q&A!

    I’m sure our readers would love to hear about what you are most looking forward to in 2018 and your experiences so far here on the site. Have you been surprised by the amount of positive reception by readers and are you glad you gave writing a go?

    I hope lots of people leave questions and I look forward to reading them!


    1. Those are some good questions!
      Things I’m most looking forward to in 2018 would be: New albums from Alice In Chains and Tool (They have both had stuff in the works for a while now)
      A sequel or successor to Bloodborne
      And new Hearthstone DLCs
      Comments wise, yes I am quite surprised, I’ve never produced content before so this is all very new to me and all the likes and comments are pretty cool.
      And I’d say giving writing a go was one of the more fun choices I made this year, been quite enjoyable here so far. Here’s looking forward to an awesome 2018!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Those sound like some great things to look forward to! I of course am right there with you with Hearthstone, as you well know that is one of my favorite games. I think another Bloodborne would be fantastic too.

        I’m glad that writing here has been such a positive experience for you. I know I certainly haven’t been on point about editing and posting all of your content lately but from the few backlogged articles I have from you now, I think people are really going to enjoy 2018 with all of the content we will be producing.

        Enjoy the rest of your year and thanks for your hard work and dedication to the site! 😀


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