‘Justice League’ Film Review

Grade: C+

I understand how hard it is to bring everyone’s favorite superheroes together in one movie; but if Joss Whedon can make a superhero crossover fun in Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’, I am sure Zack Snyder could do it too with ‘Justice League’. When compared to ‘Man of Steel’, or ‘Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice’, ‘JL’ is way more light-hearted in tone and just as brightly colored as ‘Wonder Woman’; yet as the days go by, I find myself forgetting almost every detail due to its jumbled ability to find the right story. It takes a while to put these heroes together, because Snyder wants to expand the universe and re-introduce us to the characters we all know. Obviously The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg have not had their own movies yet, and we only got to see glimpses of them in ‘Batman V. Superman’. Now we get to see them together in one movie! The result is a fun film, yet a convoluted mess.

Set after the events of ‘Batman V. Superman’, the world is still without the man of steel,(Henry Cavill) which means crime is at an all-time high, and some people are still mourning, especially Supes’ girlfriend Lois Lane, (Amy Adams) who was near proposal before the Kryptonian bit the big one after the climactic fight with Doomsday. It seems the only protectors of Gotham are Batman/Bruce Wayne, (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman/Diana Prince; (Gal Gadot) who are close to setting up the titular team, with the likes of the muscular Aquaman/Arthur Curry, (Jason Momoa) the wise cracking Flash/Barry Allen, (Ezra Miller) and high school athlete Victor Stone, (Ray Fisher) who was resurrected by his father (Joe Morton) as Cyborg. The threat our team has to face is a concealed being known as Steppenwolf, (Voice of Ciaràn Hinds) hell-bent on revenge and the destruction of Earth.

There really is not that much to ‘Justice League’, except character introduction, superheroes using their cool powers in action sequences, and bits of humorous one-liners you can expect from big-budget action movies nowadays. I wish I could say more, but ‘Justice League’ speaks for itself.


8 thoughts on “‘Justice League’ Film Review

  1. Yeah, pretty much every review that I have so far seen for this film, pretty much says the same. It’s an okayish film. I haven’t yet seen it myself, but I figure I don’t think I will have a very different opinion. Cool post 😊

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