Temporary Hiatus – What’s Going on With Me

Hello Everybody.

Originally, I had something else planned for today, but in light of recent events, I instead have to announce that Jon Spencer Reviews will be entering a temporary hiatus. I will not be publishing any materials from Monday, November 6th 2017 to Friday, November 10th 2017. This period may be extended for an additional week, but I really don’t know yet.

Let me first apologize for this. Since entering a MWF schedule, I have managed to keep that up with quality content for several months now. I hate to ruin this period of growth and success for Jon Spencer Reviews, as we’ve seen huge spikes in viewership and engagement ever since switching to this consistent schedule. However, I assure you that this hiatus is extremely necessary.

So what exactly is going on?

As many of you likely know, I have been trying extraordinarily hard to get a job. I am starting to get to the point where I desperately need money. I have been in a vocational rehabilitation program through DHS, but I have not been receiving any real aid. Naturally, this is frustrating when I keep getting rejected from every job I apply for. This includes jobs that are well below my actual qualifications, such as a sales clerk in a store.

As a result, I have had to make more aggressive moves so that I can receive proper assistance and move forward. I put in a letter of request to meet with my aid worker’s supervisor to discuss my concerns and how things will proceed. I have also been talking to a lawyer from a disability rights group, but hopefully there will be no need for legal action. I fully expect to resolve things as civilly as possible.

What does this have to do with you guys?

This means I simply to do not have the time or energy to properly devote to running Jon Spencer Reviews during this process. I have to prepare a lot of materials for this meeting on top of getting certain records and files for other steps that I need to take in addition to this one. I’m pursuing every avenue that I can at this point to gain employment that provides a livable wage, ensure that I have the proper (and up to date) files and records regarding my disability, and allow for me to live my life largely unassisted but with some aid where needed.

Thank you for sticking with me and (hopefully) for your understanding regarding this. I apologize for needing to do this as well, as I feel pretty bad about doing so. This is especially so for the few Patreon supporters I have. Feel free to stop supporting me on there if you feel it necessary since this month will be very light on content, I completely understand.

In Regards to Content

As I just stated, I will not be publishing any of my own articles during this hiatus. It is possible that Jacob may choose to publish during this time however. Frank has a few articles that need me to run some edits, but if I am able to do that before the weekend, you will see an article or two from him during this time as well. Don’t expect much on either front though.

I did finish viewing Joker Game for Anime ABC’s so I will try to get that done for when I am back from these matters. My goal was to have this out for next week, but things happened. Rest assured though, that you will see this article no matter what this month. In addition to this, you will also see a new voting round open up shortly after as well.

The reason for stating this is just in case I have to extend the hiatus further than expected. I know that I will need next week, and it is quite possible I will need the week after as well. However, there is always the chance that this month ends up needing to be spent on these matters exclusively. I simply do not know at this point.

Again, thank you for your understanding and I apologize for the disappointing news.

– Jon Spencer

31 thoughts on “Temporary Hiatus – What’s Going on With Me

  1. Wow! Sorry to hear about your job woes. :/

    I had the same thing here in Old Blighty, until my ASD diagnosis then I was effectively “struck off” from work, although I’ve had great support from my local services in the meantime.

    Hope you get it sorted out soon but don’t be a stranger. 🙂

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  2. Hey guys Frank here, I want to confirm that I will not be writing for the duration of Jon’s hiatus, as if I get enough spare time I can finish 2-5 articles in a week and I don’t wish to leave Jon with a massive stack of work when he gets back, so for any of you who read my music reviews I am sorry. Additionally I am going through a somewhat similar situation to Jon and am uncertain as to how the next few weeks or months will play out.

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  3. I’m sorry that it’s been tough. Job hunting is never easy and I am lucky to have landed the job that I got. Take your time, I’m sure that something will work out. We will wait :). Good luck.

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    1. Thanks Scott. Mostly it’s just that I’m not getting the proper aid so hopefully this meeting will get things sorted. There are jobs out there, just need some assistance so I can actually get one.


  4. Best wishes for your job hunting!
    It’s obvious that I have also been through that part and the future won’t tell us if we can find ourselves in it over and over again.
    Take whatever chances that come at you, it’s definitely going to be a job as long as you’re earning money with hard work!

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  5. I’m quite sorry to hear about this. I totally understand since I knew what it was like to be unemployed for a long time like when I moved a few years ago. Just keep at it and I hope you land a good job.

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  6. Definitely understandable, and good luck! I enjoy reading your reviews, but obviously getting IRL stuff under control is top priority. I have a friend with a chronic illness that’s been trying to work with a disability attorney recently, and that sort of thing is always super taxing…

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  7. Man….I really feel for you. Truly hope things are going to work out, and soon. Really, absolutely no reason whatsoever to apologise. Your blog has always been a joy to read, and I think everyone here understands that currently you have much more pressing matters on your mind than writing posts. Take all the time you need, and I wish you the best of luck with hopefully getting a good resolution 😀

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  8. I hope everything works out for you! Good luck with everything! I’ll just have to go over your older content as a new follower! 🙂 I could’ve sworn I was following you already since we run in the same blogging circle, but alas, I was wrong.

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    1. Thank you for the well wishes.

      Don’t worry about it, happens. There have been times where I noticed the that I wasn’t following somebody and thought I was. So it happens haha. Glad to have ya around though 🙂


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