Anime ABC’s J Results

We Have a Winner!

It was looking like we might see another tie but on the last day we managed to get one more vote that tipped the balance in favor of:  Joker Game! Receiving a total of 8 votes from our 20 unique voters. Since I watched Joker Game during its original airing, I will revisit this series dubbed thanks to VRV, which has the Funimation simul-dub that I was unable to view back then.

Expect me to take a week or two to watch and then a couple of days to write. Nothing out of the ordinary. Sorry I can’t have such a fast turn around like last time. That truly was a rare occurrence, but mostly due to the nature of what I was reviewing.

With that, here is the break down for the votes as per the usual:



Other votes:  Jin-Roh (Film x2), Jungle Emperor Leo (Film), Joshiraku, Jyu Oh Sei, and Jigoku Shoujo

15 thoughts on “Anime ABC’s J Results

  1. Woohoo! I voted for Joker Game. Looking forward to what your thoughts on this anime are going to be. I watched it somewhere earlier this year. I don’t want to give my thoughts away yet either for this one: I will wait until your review appears😀

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  2. Very nice! That was a close one. I’m not familiar with the winning anime, so I’m a bit curious about it. I almost forgot about Jin-Roh when I saw the other options. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that movie.

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    1. I forgot to put it up with the regulars. Silly me! I actually would really like to see that film sometime, it sounds/looks really good.

      Any way, I’ve seen and half reviewed Joker Game before but I thought since I can watch the dub now I’d do that and give it a review proper if it won. It’s a spy show that looks like it should be kind of like Baccano! or something. I don’t want to give my thoughts away here though 😉

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      1. I remembered liking that movie when I saw it a long time ago. Looks like I’ll have to watch it again sometime like how I’ve been rewatching various other movies.

        Gotcha. It would be interesting to see how the dub compares to the original language track. Fair enough. I didn’t want you to spoil the whole review or show. Hahaha!

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