Jon Spencer Reviews 2 Year Anniversary

Thank You!

It’s been two whole years already for Jon Spencer Reviews! A big thanks to everybody who has helped make the site so wonderful from contributors, to Patreon supporters, and readers just like you. A lot of has happened since the blog started up so let’s take a brief trip down the blog’s history.

I originally started this blog as a way for me to talk about stuff I liked across my various hobbies from anime to board games, and more. I also waned a way to highlight other content creators who I thought were producing great content. So back in September 2015 while I was still in University I took the plunge.

My very first article was actually a series focused on the 2003 anime Last Exile and the follow up Fam, the Silver Wing. I’ve particularly enjoyed Gonzo anime like these two titles and since I had watched both titles near the time when I started this up I thought this was the ideal place to start talking about stuff. The first article was just a straight review of Last Exile which is probably overly detailed and long. Though I still think it reflects my thoughts on the series today rather well. I followed this up with a two part review and discussion on season two with a review of Spirited Away in-between.

Since then the blog has evolved and morphed. I brought on contributors like Jacob, and more recently, Frank. Which has allowed for an increase in content as well as variety. I really appreciate the hard work of everyone who has helped here at the site. It means a lot!

Back when I started, posting was fairly sporadic but since I’ve graduated University now I’ve moved to a regular MWF posting schedule. There has been a lot of great content that has come out of this move. You can really see the evolution in my writing from my previous works. I love experimenting with formats and ideas, so you get to see these both major and minor changes even today.

In this year I’m most proud of a few articles that I think you should check out. I’ll list, link, and briefly explain why for the articles below. I hope you’ll take a look if you haven’t read them before already.

  • The first article on the list is my look at Rampo Kitan and a collection of short stories written by Edogawa Rampo. Not only is this a review of an anime but a look at a piece of literature. The first time I’ve ever done that here. This article is far too long and just packed with information but I spent nearly three months writing it between other articles. Now that’s dedication!
  • What started out as a joke, turned into a brief article series that hasn’t proved very popular here at Jon Spencer Reviews. Regardless, I had a blast writing these pieces and would like to do more in the future. I’m talking about my fiction writing “Spam Saga” series of course. I wrote three chapters which you can check out here:  Chapter 1, chapter 2, and chapter 3.
  • When the blog first started out I was actually a bigger board game enthusiast than anime fan. Crazy to think since I primarily cover anime. This isn’t too big a surprise as each member of Jon Spencer Reviews has largely settled into their own topic, only to venture out of it on occasion. However, I still love board games and have wanted to get back into talking about them on occasion. I took a step in that direction again with my look at Skull.

There have been many more noteworthy articles from the past year, but I simply couldn’t list them all! Fortunately I took the time about a month ago to reorganize the site and every article I’ve ever written ever can be found listed by clicking the header of any category on the main page. Take some time to see what I have, you may just find a gem.

Due to the fact that I haven’t been able to find work yet (even though I have put in a few applications, here’s hoping!) I finally decided to create a Patreon for the site. Supporting it helps me and everybody who contributes majorly to the site. I wrote about that already so just click the button below for more details.


Around this time I was given some assistance with new artwork and design stuff for the site thanks to fan DaBoogie who I have already thanked numerous times but I really can’t thank him enough for his help. It’s really spruced things up if you ask me, and the reception from others has been positive as well.

I’ve also made a lot of great blogging friends. So here’s the part where I tell you about some people you should check out. Everybody listed here has been a huge supporter of mine, active reader and commenter, or somebody I just think really deserves some more attention for one reason or another. Sorry if I missed anybody in advance and people are listed in no particular order.

Here’s to another wonderful year with the site and even more great content and adventures to come! Hope you are all having a wonderful day and can’t wait to see you back here at the site again soon. 🙂

22 thoughts on “Jon Spencer Reviews 2 Year Anniversary

  1. Thank you for the shout out and congrats on reaching the two-year blogging milestone. Interesting how a board game site morphed into one that covers anime. That transformation has happened to me too. Anime and games are my passion, but due to dwindling hits I have now ventured into covering movies and so far the new content has proven to be popular.

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    1. Thank you for the congratulations! I can’t believe your blog hasn’t been around longer, it’s so polished! Happy to have you Scott, the blogging community is really fantastic 🙂


    1. My thanks to you for the kind words! I will do my best to continue to provide amazing posts to read 🙂 Also, of course! The blogging community really is great and full of such nice people, I consider all of you guys my friends 🙂

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  2. Wow, two years already huh? Well I guess it really is true what they say: time flies when you are having fun. Congratulations on this great milestone, and thanks for considering me a friend, that is really kind of you 😊 I feel the same and I hope your blog will continue for many more years to come 😀

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