Tsurezure Children – First Impressions (Eps. 1-5)

Whoa, a Look at an Airing Series?

A bunch of people told me I just had to watch this series so I gave it a look during the Labor Day weekend. I ended up having some thoughts about Tsurezure Children that I didn’t expect having so figured I would share them. Before I jump in, just want to point out that I totally thought this show was called, “Tsundere Children” for a pretty long time, which is why I almost gave it a pass.

Tsurezure Children is an anime about various high school (?) relationships. The anime jumps between several couples and depicts their blossoming love and interactions. For the first five episodes you get introduced to a lot of characters but have several of the couples begin their development.

Everybody swears up and down how cute and amazing this show is but I just didn’t see it. I don’t hate the show, but I’m not particularly invested in it either. Now I know there are more episodes out than the five I tried, and I do plan to watch them for the sake of completing the series, but I honestly don’t care much about any of the relationships.

I know some are hailing this series for skipping all of the malarkey that romance anime typically go for and throw you right into the actual relationship stuff (though there is that one “couple” that is doing the typical anime route). In one episode a couple attempts having sex even, which is rare in anime. Clannad did that, and…? Yeah, I really can’t think of any others. Hell, even a kiss can be rare sometimes. So I guess that’s a thing Tsurezure Children has going for it.

The biggest problem is that the episodes are so short and there are just too many couples and characters. It’s not that the stories are complex, I can follow what’s going on with everybody just fine. There are just too many stories trying to be told in such a short time span. Now MAL doesn’t have a total episode count for this one, so maybe Tsurezure Children is going to run for a bit, but even then I’m not seeing anything above average.

I get that people are nostalgic when seeing these early types of relationships that most people experience in their school years, but is that really enough to classify Tsurezure Children as good? I just don’t think so. Even with it’s relatively minor “innovation” with having the characters exploring their relationships, there just isn’t a whole lot going on.

Naturally, I would like to be proven wrong as I get further into the show. After all, I am still watching it but as it stands I find the show to be pretty simple from a writing perspective. Visually and sound wise it really isn’t impressing me much either. Right now I’d rate the series around a 5/10 and recommend giving it a look only if you want to see what all the fuss is about for yourself. I guess if you are in high school or really want to feel nostalgic about those types of relationships, then this would be good too.

In case you are wondering, and you probably weren’t, I stopped at five episodes because that’s all I had access to on VRV. I know that subs are up on Crunchyroll, but felt like the dub for Tsurezure Children. Seeing that it is currently airing, there is a bit of delay on the dub so it’s behind. If my opinion radically changes as I get further in, I’ll be sure to write up another article once it is finished.

Are you watching Tsurezure Children, if so, what are your thoughts on the series? Would you watch a show called “Tsundere Children” (I really want to know), and which show would ultimately be better? My vote is for Tsurezure Children, even if I’m just finding it lukewarm. If you enjoy this sort of thing, be sure to let me know I’m doing a good job by hitting the like button. Lastly, consider checking out my Patreon and supporting me so I can keep my internet and, you know, actually post stuff. Not having much luck on the job front still. Just click the button below for more info.


As always, thanks for stopping by here at Jon Spencer Reviews and I hope to see you back around here soon! 🙂

16 thoughts on “Tsurezure Children – First Impressions (Eps. 1-5)

  1. Only seen the first couple episode but I’ve always found myself to be much less invested in shows shorter in episode length. I like, but I wouldn’t say “EVERYONE MUST WATCH THIS SHOW.” It’s probably just something I’d catch up on during an afternoon where I have nothing else to do.

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    1. Yeah, I was curious about future development in later episodes. I get that the set-up is the confession, I just don’t think the show has enough time (with how large the cast actually is relative to runtime) to deliver anything that strong.

      I’ll still finish the show though, it’s not like I hate it or anything. More like I’m indifferent on it at worst. If I end up having a strong opinion one way or the other that is different than now I’ll write up a full review. Otherwise I think this impression article sums up my general thoughts.

      Since writing I’ve seen episode 6, which I didn’t really like.. There was one short bit that was ok but largely an unimpressive episode that just introduced another character.

      Any way, thanks for commenting and stopping by 🙂

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  2. You’re not the first person to think it’s called Tsundere Children, which sort of bothers me but I can see why it happened. If it was really called Tsundere Children I’d stay clear away from the series, to be frank.

    It’s amusing at times but some of the characters act like idiots at times which is a turn-off.

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    1. I mix words up on the regular so it’s not at all surprising why I thought it was called that. It wasn’t until a buddy of mine pointed out that it was actually Tsurezure Children that I even started looking into it.

      So far “Tsundere Children” only has one person who’d want to watch it haha. I really don’t think a show with that title would be successful.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and stopping by 🙂

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  3. I would probably watch a series called Tsundere Children haha. Haven’t watched this show properly, but have seen the odd clip floating around on Youtube. What I saw seemed quite/cute funny, so I can see the appeal even if it won’t be to everyone’s taste.

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  4. I actually gave this one a go the other night due to the number of people who were in love with it, and on the night I sat down to watch an episode, my internet dropped out six times during the first five minutes of the episode. Given how little interest I had in the confession sequence I was attempting to watch I took that as a sign and didn’t bother trying a seventh time to stream the video. There was nothing wrong with what I managed to watch except that it didn’t interest me.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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      1. Set up is fine but the scene was giving me no reason to care about the two characters who they were setting up. The guy’s inner thoughts were annoying and the girl just didn’t appeal as a character. Admittedly, I know there are other characters in the show, but as an opening act it kind of just left me very uninterested and given the choppy internet I was facing, plus my already fairly heavy watch load, I just felt no reason to continue.

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