Adam Ruins Everything – One of the Best Shows on TV

Seriously, I Love this Show!

When I’m not watching anime or YouTube there are a handful of TV shows that I actually keep up with each week like America’s Got Talent, Rick and Morty, and what I’m looking at today, Adam Ruins Everything. If you aren’t watching this show already, you should be because it is both funny and informative. So just what is Adam Ruins Everything?

As the title suggests, Adam Ruins Everything is hosted by comedian Adam Conover. You may recognize him from the popular YouTube channel, College Humor, where he first started out in 2012. His work there would later become the TV show Adam Ruins Everything that began airing on truTV in 2015. If you aren’t a fan of College Humor, don’t worry, I’m not either. The show has more polish, presentation, and with a runtime of 30 minutes, enough time to present its ideas clearly and cohesively.

Each episode has Adam explaining common misconceptions and false beliefs people hold. The episode is themed around a central topic, such as video games, modern art, or even sex! This makes the information presented easy to remember and contextually relevant. In addition to this, there is usually some goofy narrative that keeps the show at a nice flow while giving a reason for why each piece of information is being given.

This may sound a bit dry, but it isn’t. The episodes have fleshed out stories that are told in addition to the informational parts. Featuring recurring characters, short and long form narratives, character growth, etc… basically all the elements of a conventional story, Adam Ruins Everything manages to be entertaining in this way while still informing its audience. Interspersed in the episodes are all of the sources for each fact listed and experts appear off-and-on to explain something in a bit more detail. Sources are great because they are also publicly listed online so you can fact check the show and the experts add to the credibility of everything presented.

Sometimes, the show does simplify things or make miniscule errors, but generally the information is very solid. The stuff Adam talks about in the show is important. He doesn’t just talk about random useless facts, he talks about things that affect people and their lives. Adam has stated that this show is meant to inform his peers (i.e. people like you and me) about stuff that matters, either now, or down the road. You can see what I mean in this presentation he gave at a Millennial marketing conference (it’s not what you may expect).

Back in 2015 when the show first started up, the show was easily one of my favorites and it still is. However, the production has gotten a lot better since then and it really shows in its currently airing second (some people consider this to be the third) season. There are sections with interviews with experts now instead of their one-off appearance and the general feel of the show has improved vastly.

You may be thinking, “I don’t have truTV, so how can I watch this show?” Thankfully, there is a great answer to that. While whole episodes aren’t uploaded, clips from each show are available online from College Humor’s YouTube as well as the truTV YouTube channel. These aren’t your run of the mill clips either, sometimes they can be a full quarter of the program’s original runtime. This is something that I really appreciate as it keeps to the core goal that Adam had set out to fulfill, inform people while still being entertaining. Having huge chunks of each episode up for free is a great compromise for those that don’t have access to the channel or don’t wish to pirate.

Personally, I don’t learn a whole lot each time I watch the program, but that’s ok. I know that many people do and I appreciate and support the show for that reason. These feel like great primers to go into an expansive exploration of a topic, but that just isn’t realistic in a 30 minute time slot. However, if you are like most people, and you probably are, the show will tell you more than enough interesting information.

Enough of me just talking, let me show you one of those clips I was talking about a second ago, and I promise it won’t be as dry (if you found it to be dry) as that conference video I linked earlier. The first clip we’ll look at is an example of a useful segment. Clip can be found from season 2 episode 1.

This clip is from one of the more recent episodes (season two, episode six, for reference.) which was a spoof on The Magic School Bus (among other popular children’s programming). It’s still good info, but this is less useful and more just fun to know.

Adam can be a little snarky, but the show never talks down to you while you’re watching. Adam Ruins Everything isn’t overly technical like most “educational” television and is ultimately pretty fun with how it approaches its topics. While it can be a bit difficult to gauge how good something is just from a clip and what I’ve said here, I encourage you to check out an episode on a topic that interests you because I’m sure that you will enjoy it.

What are your thoughts on Adam Ruins Everything? Let me know in the comments below. Be sure to like the article if you found it useful and enjoyed it and I hope to see you back here at Jon Spencer Reviews soon!

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5 thoughts on “Adam Ruins Everything – One of the Best Shows on TV

  1. I’ve only watched a few of these clips on YouTube but I kind of find a lot of the information very obvious. The most recent one I watched was on college loans and some of the pitfalls students fall into when they get themselves into too much debt. While I don’t really get the American college system at all, it seemed kind of obvious that you should know the conditions of your loan and not borrow more than you could actually afford to pay back. Though, I found it interesting that declaring bankruptcy wouldn’t remove student debt.
    Still, the format for this information is pretty entertaining and even when it isn’t a topic that is relevant its kind of fun to watch.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Loans for school are weird. It’s more complicated then it seems. Some loans require immediate payments, some can be put off until graduation, and some have conditional terms based on performance. So knowing just how much you are taking on principle isn’t always enough. Plus calculation complex interest is not something most people know how to do.

      I agree with a lot of the stuff being obvious, but I know plenty of people who don’t know these things. I enjoy the format and just really wanted to celebrate something positive that is being put out there that is still entertaining 🙂

      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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