White Day: A Labyrinth Named School – Why I’m Excited for the PS4 & PC Release on August 22nd

I’m Super Excited!!!!!!

Seriously, I love horror games. Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Outlast, and even more Obscure (hehe, see what I did there?) titles like Scratches (sadly off the market T.T such a good game). Naturally, I spent hours scouring the internet to find even more titles as my well of excellent horror titles began to dry up. Rewind to 4-5 years ago, I discovered a little known horror title White Day: A Labyrinth Named School.

At the time, White Day was unavailable pretty much everywhere outside of Korea, where it was made. You see, the game had a bit of a reputation from those that had managed to play It as the scariest game ever made. Quite a claim considering this came out originally in 2001 out of studio Sonnori. It didn’t look stellar from the visuals, but the claims and what little I was able to dig up at the time had me more than intrigued.

What the original looked like

Believe it or not, a lesser known YouTuber at the time, PewDiePie was where I first saw the game in action. The moment I saw the game in action, any doubt that I had melted away and I began the hunt to find someway to play it. Eventually, I found a fan ported and translated version of the game available for free on PC. It wasn’t strictly speaking legal, but I was desperate.


After literal hours trying to get the game to work, I finally managed it. This version of White Day was buggy as all gets out. You couldn’t save so you couldn’t exit the game without having to restart (it’s pretty long). Didn’t stop me, I played the first hour of that game so many times. In truth, the start of that game is probably the worst bit, but I just didn’t care. Eventually, a friend of mine actually beat the thing after three whole days. I have no idea what trickery he had did in order to do so but that’s how dedicated to the game people were after I showed it to them.

Later, the game eventually got fixed and now I have a playable version but it isn’t perfect. Translations are dodgy at times, still buggy here and there, but I can save. The guy working on the fan port eventually disappeared about a year or two ago so I figured that was it. To my surprise, I find out that the game is getting a PC and PS4 release later this month in the US and Europe as well.

Let’s check out the trailer.

The first thing I noticed is that this is an HD remake! It looks even more spooky and atmospheric than it ever did before. Unfortunately, the trailer fails to show off some of the more unique features such as a heart beat sensor that indicated your health/stress level, the fairly tricky dialog tree that plays a role in determining which ending out of eight you get, and how the scares scale based on your difficulty level (the game is really hard).

For some, the lack of weapons and ability to fight back is going to be an instant turn off. However, this is one of the game’s biggest selling points for me. I love when you have to use wit and hide in horror games so this is a pretty easy choice. Naturally, I preordered this game the minute I found out about it for my PS4. I would normally have gotten it on PC, but I had an Amazon gift card and the price is actually cheaper (if you preorder the game and happen to be a Prime member) at $23.99 [Link] vs the Steam price which is set to be $29.99 on release [Link].

If you are a fan of horror games and haven’t heard of this title before, I encourage you to check it out. While I haven’t actually beaten it myself (due to the janky version and the fact that it is genuinely super scary), it still remains in my personal favorite horror games to date. With that I’ll leave you with this, are you looking forward to White Day’s release and what is your favorite horror game?

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