Anime ABC’s G Results

Drum Roll Please… A Tie!

The two contenders coming in with 5 votes a piece are Gunslinger Girl and Grimgar. Having a total of 13 voters this go around, the results were pretty varied. However, these two managed to be the front runners for the entire voting period! Each one would attempt to overtake the other, but in the end it all comes down to me. The deciding vote, for all the marbles, and the winner is?

Gunslinger Girl!

For those wondering, this title wins out since Grimgar’s Japanese title starts with an “h” and will have a second shot in the next round. Plus, I was secretly hoping Gunslinger Girl would win :p

Any way, great job guys! We managed to bring the vote up to 13 from last time’s 9. I’d obviously love to have even more people vote, but I’m glad that 13 people took the time to vote this time. Let’s aim to do even better in future rounds! Thanks again for voting 🙂

I’ve got things in the works outside of this so expect to see some content from me very soon. You all would have seen something a bit sooner but WordPress and my internet haven’t exactly been playing along T.T One article should be coming fairly soon after this one and of course we’ll have whatever Jacob cooks up. Past that, I aim to have Gunslinger Girl watched and reviewed by the end of the month. In addition to this, I’m reading a book for another article that is in the works and hope that you’ll enjoy it once its ready!

While you wait consider checking out my previous ABC article on Flowers of Evil. A lot of effort went into that review and I tried something a bit different by focusing specifically on how its story is told through music. I’d love to hear what you all think, so stop by if you have the chance.

Of course, feel free to view the results of this voting round in full below.


Other results:  Ghost Stories & Gourmet Girl Graffiti



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