‘The Boss Baby’ Film Review

Grade: C-

Throughout the majority of Dreamworks‘ newest film ‘The Boss Baby’, I felt like I needed a nap. I am not saying that the film is boring, but during its first half, it feels chaotic. Not only does ‘The Boss Baby’ have an unappealing animation style, but when it uses its visual style to show the imagination of 7-year-old Timothy Templeton (Voice of Miles Bakshi, a.k.a the grandson of animator Ralph Bakshi), it comes off as annoying, causing me to lose interest in what this film is trying to accomplish. 

Based on the children’s book by Marla Frazee, ‘The Boss Baby’ not only answers the question “Where do babies come from?”, but also takes elements from its source material to make a satire of how a new arrival can take the energy of its parents’ lives; making them little “bosses”. Enter the unnamed “Boss Baby”, dressed up in a suit, while carrying a suitcase full of baby items. He exits the taxi – giving off a cool strut in his walk – to the Templeton’s lives. As expected, Mom (Voice of Lisa Kudrow) and Dad (Voice of Jimmy Kimmel) bring all their loving on this sharp-dressed baby, but Tim is skeptical (adding to the commentary of replacement and how it could feel to an older sibling). 

He eventually finds out that not only can this baby talk (Especially with the smooth and rocky voice of Alec Baldwin), but he is also the CEO of Baby Corp, the place where babies come from; where the ticklish babies get to go home with a family, while those who don’t get sent to management, where Boss Baby was sent. The baby is tasked with a mission: To go to Puppy Co. – where Tim’s parents work at – to find out why puppies are getting more love than babies. In usual children’s movie flair, Tim and the baby have to work together in order to save Baby Corp, and also to get the baby out of Tim’s hair.

Not much is to be said about ‘The Boss Baby’ that hasn’t been said already. I can point out its positive points that saved it from being terrible. Besides its voice talent (especially from Baldwin), the screenplay is clever and funny at times. There is also heart in its commentary. ‘The Boss Baby’ is definitely not the best film in Dreamworks’ resume of animated films, but it isn’t the weakest either.



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