‘Kong: Skull Island’ Film Review

Grade: B+

Kong: Skull Island Movie Poster

The visual effects on Kong may be more of a human look than Peter Jackson’s giant roaring gorilla in the 2005 remake of the original ‘King Kong’ films that have come before it, but holy moly, is the angry giant more amazing than ever! Watching Kong fight these monsters on the famous fictional Skull Island is one that is more reminiscent of Gareth Edwards’ ‘Godzilla’ and is of pure, amazing, albeit ridiculous action.

The setting of Skull Island is an amazing spectacle of giant skulls of the forgotten creatures, remnants of the past, and creatures of amazing technical achievement that can be overwhelming at times, but with each predictable jump scare comes death and danger seeing a group of soldiers (Led by Samuel L. Jackson’s Colonel Preston Packard) and people of scientific attribute on the way to encounter something ancient on that mythical island.

What are Packard and his crew looking for exactly? That answer comes in the form of John Goodman’s Bill Randa and his official, seismologist Houston Brooks (Corey Hawkins), who both hire the likes of Captain James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston), who is a tracker, photographer Mason Weaver (Oscar Winner Brie Larson), and the crew of Packard’s soldiers to find out.

Once they get to the island, that’s when the trouble starts. On the way, they run into the legendary Kong, who is considered by a tribe to be their God. While on the island, the crew get entangled with scary creatures (including a bearded John C. Reilly, who plays a crazed fighter pilot who has been stranded on Skull Island since 1944) as they try to avoid danger and head back home.

When I first saw trailers of ‘Kong: Skull Island’, I was both amazed and skeptical. It looked amazing, but Kong’s look just didn’t seem right to me. Compare this Kong to Peter Jackson’s Kong, and you will see the difference. The movie does become thrilling, scary, and intense when it needs to be. Also, be sure to stay through the credits for one hilarious and amazing post-credits sequence guaranteed to make you not want to leave the theater and prepare you for something greater.


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